• Building trust and effective collaboration in your healthcare team is critical to providing excellence in clinical outcomes and a high-quality patient experience.

    Our innovative approach to patient everything that helps shape patients' mindsets and their perception of care.

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  • High patient experience rankings correlate to performance excellence:

    When patient experience meets patient expectations, there is a domino effect on the complete ecosystem, from fewer missed appointments to improved care and clinical outcomes.
  • Strong patient-to-clinician relationship & communications

    Develop adapted and jargon-free communications that all patients patients can understand.

    Provide proactive and empathic educational materials that can help influence pain thresholds and improve the patient overall experience.
  • Engaging Your Care Team

    You can improve employee engagement by providing medical staff with the latest technology, innovation, systems, and tools.

    Providing an empathetic and cutting-edge work environment can help you give staff purpose and enables them to put their patients at the heart of their work.
  • Getting to Go

    You can provide a more empathetic experience by reducing waiting times for your patients.

    Speeding up diagnostic results and starting treatment sooner improving staff efficiency can also help improve patient wellbeing and satisfaction.
  • Steps to set you up for success

    At GE Healthcare, our expert Solutions and Strategic Advisory Services patient, design and consulting teams work in close collaboration with you in to build a tailored program to help you improve patient care and the overall patient pathway.

    Patient experience solutions consulting can help transform your facility that ultimately will improve overall patient experience, satisfaction and patient-experience rankings.
  • Patient Experience E-learning in weconnect.gehealthcare.com

    We’re committed to providing our customers with the best in Clinical Education. This e-learning gives an overview of Patient Experience in Mammography.

    Upon completion of Level 1 training, you will be able to:
    • Understand the patient’s journey.
    • Develop more empathy for a mammogram patient.
    • Help solve pain points during examinations.
  • MyMammo Patient Website

    MyMammo is designed to educate on the importance of regular mammograms and personalized breast care to help prevent cancer. Patients are accompanied on their breast care journey, no matter which part of the journey they are on. Accompanying and educating patients can be life saving.
  • MyWaitingRoom

    MyWaitingRoom is a GE Healthcare patient experience companion app for women who want to know what to expect from their mammograms.
  • Podcasts from Cecilia O

    These high value podcasts can help explain to your patients who ask “How can I accept my breast cancer and move on? What happens during my Mammogram ?”

    Cecilia O is a GE spokesperson helping to drive patient experience. She is also a breast cancer survivor and a certified Beryl Institute Patient Experience leader....and an active member of the French Patient Experience Institute. GE Healthcare · Teasing - Let's get to know each other

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1. Data on file: Patient Experience a Game Changer" PDF
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