Automated brain exam - from localizer to post-processing and beyond

An MRI examination of the brain consists of a number of connected steps. READYBrain provides the flexibility to automate the brain exam from acquiring a localizer image to prescribing acquisition planes, scanning relevant series, performing post-processing and transferring the final image data to a reading station. READYBrain is designed to automatically detect the mid-sagittal plane for 2D/3D prescription and determine the AC-PC line, it will also correct for extreme (>45 degree) rotation.

Standardization of the scan planes and automation of the exam can help reduce workload and improve consistency, especially in longitudinal follow-up studies.

  • Fully automated exam
  • Accurate planes and reproducible slice positions for easy follow up exams
  • Consistent image quality
  • Simple and fast, also for non-expert users compared to conventional MR acquisition


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