There’s more to explore with SIGNA™ MAGNUS*

Our powerful, premium head-only MR system, dedicated to brain exploration.
At a glance


A premium head-only scanner for neurological discovery

HyperG gradient

A strong and fully usable 300m T/m / 750 T/m/s gradient power

Deeper insights

Oscillating Diffusion Encoding (ODEN) for next-level diagnostic imaging.

Unmissable deep learning

Industry-leading AI to drive your neurological breakthroughs
A whole new world of discovery
Technological and biological constraints mean the realm of neuroscience has been frustratingly under-explored – but no longer. Now, you can explore the brain in exceptionally high detail with GE HealthCare’s most powerful MR imaging device to date: SIGNA™ MAGNUS* (Mesoscale diffusion with Advanced Gradients for Neuro Ultrafast Scanning), our dedicated head-only MR scanner.


Scan the brain with formidable precision

Uncover the unknown

Harness SIGNA™ MAGNUS’s strong HyperG gradient power (300 m T/m / 750 T/m/s) to push your neurological imaging to the next level. With a high PNS threshold, SIGNA™ MAGNUS lets you unleash the full potential of neurological MR and elevate the clinical standard in this uncharted territory.

Due to an innovative asymmetric gradient design, SIGNA™ MAGNUS has an enhanced diffusion performance – letting you scan the brain closer than ever before and obtain crucial insights to advance your research. Together with short TEs and extremely high b-values, SIGNA™ MAGNUS means you can fully capture the extraordinary, intricate details of the brain.


Make groundbreaking discoveries

Visualize the brain in ultra-high detail using SIGNA™ MAGNUS’s powerful HyperG gradient. Explore brain function, microstructures and micro vasculature never seen before with ODEN (Oscillating Diffusion ENcoding) deepening your understanding in oncology and neuroscience.

With SIGNA™ MAGNUS, you have the potential to uncover new parameters, areas of research and even biomarkers to translate your clinical discoveries into practice. Taking you closer to making the next big neurological breakthrough.


Transform our understanding

Amplify the capabilities of SIGNA™ MAGNUS’s advanced hardware with the unmissable clarity of AI. Our growing deep-learning portfolio, including revolutionary AIR™ Recon DL, lets you see the minutiae of the brain with pin-sharp precision.

With our open platform, you can advance alongside GE HealthCare’s growing network of elite neuroscientists. Just like you, they’re all fueled by a passion for scientific discovery. Together, you can stay at the forefront of scientific and AI discovery with GE HealthCare’s portfolio of deep-learning innovations, which help you navigate the complexities of the brain with confidence.


Why upgrade?

Optimal power, optimal performance

Improve your gradient performance without increasing energy usage

Seamless siting

Easily upgrade select GE HealthCare 3.0T whole body scanners to SIGNA™ MAGNUS

Join our elite network

Collaborate with the greatest minds in neurology with our worldwide community of neuroscientists
*510(k) Pending at FDA. Not Available for Sale in the United States. Not yet CE marked. Cannot be placed on the market or put into service until it has been made to comply with CE marking. Not cleared or approved by any global regulator for commercial availability.
**Multi-echo fMRI and AXDI are technology in development that represents ongoing research and development efforts. These technologies are not products and may never become products. Not for sale. Not CE marked. Not cleared or approved by the US FDA or any other global regulator for commercial availability.
†This statement is related to a prototype that is similar to the technology in development for commercial availability.

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