CardioLab Hemodynamic Recording System

Precision care through excellent signal fidelity


Easily integrates into existing clinical workflows and IT environments


Improved clinical experience through communication across pathways and data


Secured data and privacy, no matter how many users or points of data entry


Next generation digital amplifier enables crisp, quick evaluations

From admittance and diagnosis to treatment and billing, CardioLab™ helps optimize workflow, productivity, and throughput.

Advanced algorithms provide enhanced signal fidelity to electrophysiology recording, helping better visualize small physiological signals—that means visualization information is available when and where you need it. CardioLab offers standardized point-of-care collection and entry with minimal training to support workplace efficiency.


Wing-to-wing digitization. Accelerating workflows. Elevating outcomes.

CardioLab now comes with our newest clinical innovation, the Prucka™ 3 digital amplifier. Our next generation EP system enables advanced, quick evaluations enhanced by new filtering capabilities with the reliability and signal quality you expect.

Introducing an exceptional clinical innovation, building on more than 20 years of success in electrophysiology.

Introducing the redesigned Prucka 3 digital amplifier. Prucka 3 continues the reliability and quality that you expect from CardioLab, while introducing a digital platform that significantly reduces noise, maintains high signal fidelity, provides new signal-filtering capabilities, and a forward looking platform for the next generation of EP innovation.

Cycle length

A new machine learning algorithm enhances cycle length performance and visualization. Now you can see beat to beat analysis displayed on the signal.

Dual Real-Time

An excellent option when using trigger mode to independently evaluate real-time events. Dual Real-Time provides two real-time displays. Place them where you want on your three-monitor configuration.

Multiple review windows

Display up to five review windows and name each independently to identify interesting morphology visualized during the procedure. Tag and document signals for later comparison.


Gain a new point of reference during complex procedures. A new algorithm overlays real-time signals onto previously tagged morphology, allowing you to compare real-time signals with a visible percent match level.

AltiX Features


ClearView enhances the user experience with a modern, fresh take on a familiar user interface. The introduction of a dark theme user interface helps reduce eye strain and provides visual clarity in darker work environments.2


DirectConnect provides an enhanced focus on data exchange and interoperability of devices—easily connecting to existing IT and clinical infrastructure.

HD Video

The HD video package enhances the visual experience through improved monitor resolution with a 20% increase in pixels per display3 and 24-inch widescreen display monitors.


This optional selection of tools gives clinicians the information they need—when they need it—to help improve workflow and patient throughput.

Invasive Networking: INW Server

A software-only server solution for implementation in virtualized networking environments, the INW Server provides the link between acquisition systems and clients and allows different information technology systems and software applications to communicate and exchange information.


Additional Features of AltiX BT22

EMR Connectivity

New additional connectivity options thorough DirectConnect to reduce the need for intermediary systems

3D Mapping

Maintains existing functionality through its differentiating CARTO interface

Hospital info system

Enables modality selections to improve interoperability with third party worklist providers


AltiX provides a connection to CVIS—reducing the number of monitors, keyboards, and mice

CardioLab awarded Best in KLAS for 2022

The Best in KLAS award is based on feedback from thousands of providers throughout the year. It recognizes software and service companies who demonstrate a commitment to helping provide more informed patient care.

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