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    Considering replacing an existing GE Healthcare lab?

    Use our Online Value Calculator to discover the potential savings in money and time we can bring to your facility when considering replacing an existing GE Healthcare lab. Answer four simple questions to compare the total costs of a conversion against installing a brand new system. Discover the value of a Lift to Allia conversion now!

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    We have collaborated with clinicians to completely redesign the image guided therapy suite focusing on ergonomy, ease-of-use and workflow efficiency. Interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons share their impressions in partnering with GEHC on the new image guided solution, Allia IGS 7.

    Discover the future of image guided systems

    Interventionalists and surgeons performing new image guided therapies face multiple challenges. They require diverse patient access, the ability to operate from a variety of working positions, and accessible advanced image guidance tools.

      Enables essentially any surgery with fully integrated surgical table.

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    Meet your trusted assistant for image guided therapies

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    2. Paid Consultant, Paid for Testimonial/video/case study: Pr. De Baere, Pr. Haulon, Dr. Kouri are paid consultants for GEHC and were compensated for participation in these videos.  The statements by Pr. De Baere, Pr. Haulon, Dr. Kouri described here are based on their own opinions and experience using the Allia IGS system. They have participated in the design and validation of the product at the manufacturer’s premises.