Mac-Lab XTi

Mac-LabTM XTi Hemodynamic Recording System synchronizes real-time data and images to help you perform complex procedures with confidence.

Move beyond information integration, to synchronization.

In Mac-Lab XTi, information integration takes a leap forward – to synchronization. Images, waveforms and data are synchronized – brought together in real-time – to put the information you need at your fingertips when you need it. Mac-Lab XTi and its CardioICETM synchronized ultrasound can help you take on the most complex studies and perform the most advanced image-guided procedures with confidence.


The Mac-Lab XTi system brings IT capabilities into your cath lab. Mac-Lab XTi delivers exceptional speed and efficiency from clinical workflow to administrative reporting. At its core: one integrated data set that enables your clinical, administrative and IT functions. On its surface: one common user interface for recording, collecting, analyzing and storing data – and generating reports.

Mac-Lab XTi hemodynamic recording systems help you:

  • Optimize efficiency with streamlined data collection and a comprehensive procedure report.
  • Enhance data entry capabilities and save time because Mac-Lab XTi interfaces with X-ray systems to automatically upload demographics to the imaging systems and receive radiological parameters such as angulations and dose area product (DAP).
  • Achieve true integrated fractional flow reserve (FFR) without the need for a separate analyzer.
  • Integrate images from PACS (optional feature).
  • Streamline workflow through the use of one-touch launch of echo procedure from the remote track ball system control.
  • Upload demographics and start the case on the VividTM i/q system from the procedure room using the remote track ball system control.


The Mac-Lab XTi Hemodynamic Recording System is a powerful, reliable system that can be configured around the way you work and offers:

  • User defined macros that allow clinicians to define the case flow to their specified workflow – streamlining data collection and providing a comprehensive procedure report.
  • Pediatric mode that provides algorithms and settings to allow documentation of complex congenital cases when needed.
  • Navigation and documentation tools including: ST Segment, Holter, CardioTree and Image Capture.

Comprehensive data collection at the point of care

  • Interface with X-ray systems to automatically upload demographics to the imaging systems and receive radiological parameters such as angulations and dose area product (DAP) –  helps to enhance data entry capabilities and save time.
  • Registry form sets to support the ACC-NCDR PCI and ICD registry data.
  • Gather registry data at the point of care, helping to minimize post-procedure chart pulls.
  • Collect data the way you want with custom forms data allows up to 5,000 user-defined fields to be configured for data entry.
  • Export comprehensive data to GE and third-party registry and data management systems.

True integrated fractional flow reserve (FFR)

  • Display and save FFR measurements on the Mac-Lab XTi recording system – no need for a separate analyzer.
  • Makes FFR just another hemodynamic measurement –  always available, no additional cabling required.
  • Auto-acquire fluoroscopy images upon initiation of FFR –  visual documentation of lesions being evaluated.

Integrate images from PACS

  • Import DICOMTM images from PACS systems into the image library.
  • Select any image in the image library to appear on the monitor screen for documentation and recording purposes.
  • Allows images from previous studies to be displayed via the intergrated CA1000 application.
  • Import and annotate images in reports.
  • Embed fluoroscopy, U/S and previously acquired images into the case report, providing a comprehensive documentation of the procedure.

Synchronized Ultrasound

CardioICETM Synchronized Ultrasound

Providing continuous, real-time visualization of cardiac structures and devices, CardioICETM on the Mac-Lab XTi gives you exceptional access to information during cath and structural heart procedures.

CardioICE fuses ultrasound images, data, ECGs and pressure signals continuously throughout the case. Case documentation – images, waveforms, data – is consolidated into a single, comprehensive procedure report. Mac-Lab XTi provides integrated access to previously disconnected information and visualization tools, combining hemodynamic recording with real-time intracardiac echo.

Education & Training

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