Get the diagnostic clarity you need from that first X-ray

Helix Advanced Image Processing delivers sharp detail and consistent performance in X-ray, despite variations in exposure technique and challenging exam conditions.
  • Don’t miss a thing

    Extraordinary anatomical detail at low dose in every X-ray image.

    Helix advanced image processing algorithms harness the full high-resolution power and exceptional dose efficiency of FlashPad HD detectors to deliver outstanding clarity and extraordinary anatomical detail where it matters most.

  • Anatomy specific image enhancement

    Clear bone and soft tissue presentation across different anatomies and views.
  • Consistent brightness and contrast

    Helix delivers consistent brightness and contrast across variations in dose exposure with Smart Windowing and enhanced Contrast Restoration
  • Excellent handling of metal implants

    Clear bone-metal interface without halo artifact

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*Source: GE whitepaper: High resolution for improved visualization (DOC2045904)