GoldSeal™ Refurbished Systems

GoldSeal refurbished Imaging and Ultrasound Systems provide cost-effective solutions that empower healthcare organizations to provide excellent care and achieve financial objectives.

Hospitals and imaging centers must provide safe, reliable, advanced, and cost-effective imaging and ultrasound solutions for their communities—even when budgets are tight. When facing competing capital priorities, they can still access technology that offers peace of mind afforded by a comprehensive warranty and a GE Healthcare field service team they know and trust. GoldSeal offers customers top-quality imaging and ultrasound equipment—no matter the budget.

The GoldSeal Advantage

GE Healthcare holds GoldSeal systems to the same quality standards as brand-new equipment. Goldseal assets are refurbished at our dedicated Repair Operations Center for the highest levels of oversight. They’re upgraded with the latest technology and backed by the same warranty as new models, so customers are hard-pressed to tell the difference between GoldSeal and brand-new equipment. Learn more about the GoldSeal advantages and process by hovering over the circles below.

  • OEM Quality

    The full refurbishment process is completed by OEM factory-trained technicians, who ensure all OEM specifications are met.
  • Selective process

    Our stringent selection standards ensure that only those systems with well-known and acceptable service histories qualify for GoldSeal.
  • Up-to-date software

    Refurbishing includes installation of latest possible software release and original OEM parts.
  • Service and support

    Full access to support resources, including local service and 24/7 online assistance.
  • Training

    Operation and application training available for your staff, with optional CE technical training credits available.
  • Same-as-new warranty

    All GoldSeal systems include a parts and labor warranty. For most products this is identical to the same one-year warranty as on new systems. Extended warranties and service contracts also available.
  • GoldSeal Bone Health

    GoldSeal DPX Bravo

    Compact design with tools for essential bone health assessment.
  • GoldSeal Computed Tomography

    GoldSeal CT750 HD

    The GoldSeal Discovery CT750 ...
  • GoldSeal Interventional X-ray

    GoldSeal Innova 2100-IQ Plus

    GoldSeal refurbished InnovaTM 2100 systems provide an image-guided system for cardiovascular and interventional imaging.
  • GoldSeal MRI

    GoldSeal Signa HDxt 1.5T

    The GoldSeal refurbished Signa™ HDxt 1.5T magnetic resonance scanner offers accuracy, productivity, and support.
  • GoldSeal Mammography

    GoldSeal Senographe Essential

    GoldSeal allows you to invest in mammography excellence with a refurbished SenographeTM Essential.
  • GoldSeal Nuclear Medicine

    GoldSeal Infinia Hawkeye 4

    Infinia™ Hawkeye™ 4 incorporates hybrid imaging technology to help enable confident diagnosis, disease detection and precise localization.
  • GoldSeal RAD/R&F X-ray

    GoldSeal Definium 5000

    GoldSeal refurbished Definium™ 5000 fixed radiography systems help maximize your space and productivity.
  • GoldSeal PET/CT

    GoldSeal Discovery ST for PET/CT

    Refurbished GoldSeal Discovery™ST is the integration of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) technologies into one powerful scanner, av...

  • GoldSeal Ultrasound

    GoldSeal LOGIQ Series

    GoldSeal refurbished LOGIQ™ ultrasound systems deliver advanced point-of-care imaging across a range of care areas. Affordably.
  • Goldseal Refurbished OEC C-arms

    Refurbished Surgical Imaging Equipment

    Patients look to you to provide care. For refurbished OEC C-arms, look to GE Healthcare to deliver.


  • GE Healthcare service and support

    Global network of 12,000 service technicians and 24/7 access to support.

  • Deep experience

    20 years in refurbished equipment business, with 18,000+ systems sold globally.

  • Quality process

    More than 100 labor hours & 400 steps involved in CT system refurbishment and validation, ensuring the highest standards of refurbished quality.

A grand opening: Orthopedic Associates of Wisconsin chooses GoldSeal MR system

“It [our GoldSeal MR system] is very conducive to orthopedics; our surgeons and radiologists were very confident and comfortable with it. We’re happy with the quality of the images and the speed with which we can move patients through. I would rate the unit as on par with a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz. It has absolutely no issues.” - Mark Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Orthopedic Associates of Wisconsin

Quality, assured.

Every GoldSeal system goes through an extensive, ISO 13485-certified process to help ensure they meet original specifications . Watch our GoldSeal video to learn more about the quality process and testing behind every GoldSeal system.

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When you sell your used medical equipment to GE Healthcare, you’ll enjoy the convenience—and benefits—of working with equipment experts. Not only can we help offset expenses related to deinstallation and disposal, but you can rely on us to offer a firm and fair value for your equipment, based on our deep understanding of market conditions. As your familiar point of contact, you can always depend on our offer to purchase and schedule commitments.

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