Spend more time on patient care and less time searching for mobile equipment. GE Healthcare’s Encompass hospital asset management solution helps locate medical equipment, even through your mobile device.

Encompass is a cost-effective solution that helps hospitals locate and manage their mobile asset inventory, reducing total cost of ownership and achieving better capital allocation. Using real-time, cloud-based location systems, this inventory management system helps find lost hospital equipment such as wheelchairs, infusion pumps and monitors, letting healthcare providers increase productivity and keep patient care their top priority.

How it works

Encompass is a combination of hardware and web applications that tracks assets throughout the healthcare facility in real time. Asset location information is displayed in a web application that can be viewed on computers, phones, and tablets. The system readily scales to accommodate growth and can be easily reconfigured if hospital layouts are redesigned.
  • Install

    To establish the infrastructure for the real-time location system, wireless location beacons are placed in rooms and other areas where equipment needs to be detected. Asset beacons are affixed to mobile devices and equipment.
  • Monitor

    Healthcare staff wear small, pager-like receivers to create a location data infrastructure. Fixed receivers may also be placed in low-traffic areas such as closets and storage areas. As staff members move around the facility, receivers monitor the location of asset beacons and transmit the location data over Wi-Fi.
  • Communicate

    Encompass continuously collects location data from receivers and beacons, transmitting it to the cloud. Within the cloud, data is synthesized to continuously and precisely map asset locations within the facility in real time.
  • Locate

    When clinical staff are in need of a particular asset, they can access its precise location using the Encompass mobile applications—accessible on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Manage

    Healthcare professionals can manage their mobile assets and ensure they are ready when needed, with better inventory count. They can set up PAR locations and monitor assets in real time.



Patient satisfaction

  • Help your facility minimize delays in patient care
  • Help your facility improve patient satisfaction and safety
  • Lower potential for use of non-serviced machines

Operational efficiency

  • Locate mobile assets more efficiently
  • Reduce time spent searching for equipment
  • Help ensure compliance of preventative maintenance

Financial performance

  • Help eliminate equipment surplus and reduce related maintenance cost
  • Help extend equipment service life
  • Help increase staff productivity and efficiency

Supporting materials

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How Encompass works