Discovery IGS 7 OR

A pioneer in 3D fusion image guidance in the Hybrid OR, GE with Discovery IGS 7 OR now offers remarkable versatility, providing a choice of optimal mid-size 31 cm and largest field-of-view 41 cm detectors, integrated with both Maquet Magnus radiolucent flat and universal tabletops.** This highly flexible solution brings both intuitive 3D fusion image guidance and complete workspace freedom to the hybrid operating room covering the needs of virtually any surgical and Interventional specialty: an exciting step into the innovative world of image guided surgery. With this flexible Hybrid OR solution, expand your hospital's services to innovative minimally invasive techniques and attract more patients and more physicians, while maximizing operating room utilization.

Discovery IGS 7 OR – Setting new possibilities in motion

You'll have the potential to increase the procedure mix in your OR with the Maquet Magnus OR table system from Getinge for minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgical procedures.*** The Discovery IGS is fully integrated with the Maquet Magnus Radiolucent and Universal tabletop, enabling advanced patient positioning and imaging such as intra-op cone-beam CT, to meet the requirements of diverse minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgical procedures.

Fast Facts

  • add
    83% Decrease in mortality with EVAR vs Open1 50% shorter hospital stay1
  • checkmark
    GE's optimal mid-size 31 cm and largest field-of-view 41 cm detectors for freedom of choice in anatomical coverage
  • reports
    2-34x Lower Median DAP in Lille compared to published literature for bifurcated EVAR procedures4
  • hospital
    Combining CBCT and CEUS can help reduce total in-hospital radiation exposure by 68% and contrast medium volume injection by 50% for the patient versus DSA+ CTA5.
  • timeline
    10% reintervention rates at 30 days after EVAR6 which is still a challenge. Immediate completion CBCT is easily achievable to help assess technical success and endoleaks after EVAR, thanks to the wide-bore offset C-arm of the Discovery IGS.
  • statistics
    62% is a utilization typical rate of operating theatre.2  80% of utilization rate is a reasonable goal . Systems like Discovery IGS 7 OR can help support that goal.


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*Discovery IGS 7 OR cannot be placed on the market or put into service until it has been made to comply with all required regulatory authorizations including the Medical Device Directive requirements for CE marking. Discovery IGS 7 OR and products mentioned in this material cannot be marketed in countries where market authorization is required and not yet obtained. Refer to your sales representatives.

** Maquet Products are sold by Getinge.

***The Discovery IGS 7 OR is fully integrated with the 360° radiolucent fl at table top 1180.16A2/F2 and with the Universal table top 180.10A0/F0 with attachment 1180.37A0/F0. The flat table top is suited for interventional, minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgical procedures. The Universal tabletop is suited for minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgical procedures.