Discovery™ IGS 7 OR with AutoRight™

A pioneer in 3D fusion image guidance in the Hybrid OR, GE Discovery IGS 7 OR now offers remarkable versatility, providing a choice of optimal mid-size 31 cm and largest field-of-view 41 cm  detectors, integrated with Maquet Magnus radiolucent flat.

This highly flexible solution brings both intuitive 3D fusion image guidance1,2 and complete workspace freedom to the hybrid operating room, covering the needs of virtually any surgical and interventional specialty: an exciting step into the innovative world of image guided surgery.

With this flexible Hybrid OR solution, expand your hospital’s services to innovative minimally invasive techniques and attract more patients and more physicians, while maximizing operating room utilization

With Discovery IGS 7 OR

  • Rethink your possibilities with predictable motion and patient access
  • Re-evaluate your options with flexible room utilization
  • Reinvent the way you work with high-precision imaging


  • Movable gantry puts clinicians in control.

  • Excellent patient access for interventional and surgical procedures.

  • Teams work better with nothing in their way.

  • A wide-bore C-arm expands your options

  • Offset C-arm

  • Optimal detector size adds clinical versatility

  • Simple, centralized, automated controls

  • Expanding procedure mix while securing the OR utilization

  • Seamless integration for advanced imaging

OR Solutions

1. The flat tabletop is suited for interventional, minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgical procedures.
The universal tabletop is suited for minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgical procedures.
2. 3D fusion image guidance requires additional products that require AW workstation.
3. There are performance claims that can be met only with one of the Maquet Magnus OR table system tabletop compatible with Discovery IGS 7 OR. Always refer to the product data sheet specifications applicable to the specific tabletop from Discovery IGS 7 OR and from Maquet Magnus OR table system.
4. System is delivered with default settings. Customization requires a GE representative
5. Collision management features are not intended to be a substitute for careful equipment operation
6. Maquet Magnus table and skull clamp are sold by Getinge
7. Isocenter tracking and Incidence keeping work only with 1180.16A2/F2 radiolucent flat tabletop.   
8. 35m ² rooms can accommodate a maximum of 2 back-out. Space left for additional equipment may be limited.
9. According to simulations performed with a surgical monitors suspension using the open monitor suspension option
10. Optional on Discovery IGS 7