Ambulatory EKG Devices to stay connected with your patients

Our Ambulatory ECG monitoring solutions deliver both clinical quality and workflow advantages. Clear, graphic data visualization enables quick, intuitive operation for fast and consistent reporting.
MUSE NX and KardiaMobile 6L
SEER 1000

MUSE™ NX and KardiaMobile® 6L

Medical-grade ECGs taken by a patient outside of the hospital setting on a KardiaMobile 6L ECG device—at home or on the go—can now be delivered directly into GE HealthCare’s MUSE Cardiac Management System for physicians to view and evaluate.

Workflow integration

MUSE NX integrates patient acquired ECGs into your existing workflow

Timely integration

Personal ECGs are integrated within moments

Customized routing

Effectively manage patient acquired ECGs

Similar to 12 lead

See patient acquired ECGs similar to how you see 12-lead ECGs


Managing Holter volume can be challenging for many ECG departments. CardioDay Holter ECG delivers a powerful combination of clinical quality and workflow advantages you won't find elsewhere.

Analytical speed

Speedy standardized automation enables technicians to control the fine points

Clinical confidence

Our proprietary, clinically-proven algorithms are accurate and consistent

Ease of use

Compatibility with GE HealthCare Holter recorders and bedside monitors

IT integration

Easy, secure integration with facility systems and networks

SEER™ 1000

The SEER 1000 app-driven Holter Recorder utilizes innovative technology to establish patient and physician confidence right from the start.


Small and trim, it allows patients to pursue normal daily activities


Advanced dependable, yet simple technology

Easy to use

Custom app simplifies hook-up to help reduce odds of poor data collection


This 12-channel recorder is portable with digital storage and other advanced features. You can get high-quality data with a device that gives patients freedom throughout the process.

Completely connected

Stay connected to the patient with simplicity, portability, and reliability

Reliable results

Advanced features for high-quality data

Diagnostic confidence

Stay connected to your patients for up to 48 hours

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