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In 2019, GE Healthcare was pleased to begin cooperating with ulrich medical, to deliver the ulrich CTmotion™ in the United States. With ulrich's focuses on advancements in medical technologies, ulrich medical contrast media injectors have been used for more than 30 years in hospitals and radiology practices around the world. 

With its automated syringeless technology, the CT motion™ supports workflow efficiencies such as quick and easy set-up and patient turnover. The injector can help remove the need for manual syringe filling which may minimize examination preparation time and minimize contrast media waste. The ulrichINJECT CT Motion is used in CT procedures for the delivery of Omnipaque™ (Iohexol) Injection* contrast medium as supplied in Imaging Bulk Packaging. 

*For full information about prescribing information including Boxed Warning please visit (www.gehealthcare.com/products/contrast-media/omnipaque)


CT, Computed Tomography 

Delivering innovation and workflow efficiencies

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  • Experience the features of Syringeless technology

  • Tubing System

  • Spike for CT (CM/NaCl)

  • Indications for Use

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