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The Revolution Apex platform was built with groundbreaking technologies across the entire imaging chain and an Effortless Workflow model of efficiency to meet the challenges you face. To make sure you are prepared for tomorrow, we built it with scalable detectors that allow you to take your practice to the next level at any time. The Revolution Apex platform is the powerful, adaptable technology you need to lead CT now and into the future.

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Powerful platform

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  1. *SnapShot Freeze 2, in conjunction with 0.23 s/rotation gantry speed, provides a reduction in coronary motion artifacts that is equivalent to a 0.039 s/rotation equivalent gantry rotation speed with effective temporal resolution of 19.5 msec. As demonstrated in phantom testing using a commercially available motion phantom and also with a mathematical cardiac phantom with linear motion of variable velocity. The 0.039 s/rotation images are modeled without application of SnapShot Freeze. Results may vary in clinical applications.
  2. **Enabled by Neuro Multiphase CTA Protocols on Revolution Apex and FastStroke application on AW and AW Server.

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