Revolution Apex

This fragmentation across the industry can sometimes be confusing for those who want the best CT. With Revolution Apex, we’ve made this choice clear. By combining a powerful new imaging chain with TrueFidelity™ CT Images created by deep learning image reconstruction, this platform provides you with uncompromised access to all that CT has to offer. Revolution Apex is the first CT engineered to empower you to determine how you get the best image quality for your patients. .

Image quality makes all the difference

  • A limitless platform for now and the future

  • The benchmark of image quality for every image

  • Elevate with Revolution Apex

A limitless platform for now and the future

Quantix™ 160 Tube

Taking CT to the next power

TrueFidelity Images

A futuristic take on classic image reconstruction

With great power comes great image quality

Introducing Smart Subscription*

A CT that keeps getting better


The best image quality for every patient

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