Advanced Visualization

Volume Viewer

3D visualization and processing capabilities for reading and
comparing CT, MR, 3D X-ray, PET, PET/MR and PET/CT datasets.
At a glance

Customizable workflows

Protocol-driven workflows supporting CT, MR, PET and Innova 3D XA modalities.

Compare exams

Review multiple exams from different modalities, at loading and on the fly.

Adaptive layout 

Smart layout with adaptive image placement.

Segmentation tools

Easy point-and-click segmentation tools for segmenting structures of interest

Volume Viewer

Volume Viewer provides you with rich 3D image processing tools to create and display the views you need. Requiring minimal user input, it helps streamline interpretation and reporting for multimodality exams.


  • Unified user interface
  • Customizable protocol-driven workflows
  • Smart layout with adaptive image placement
  • High-resolution, real-time rendering modes
  • Simplified compare mode with registration on the fly
  • Rich set of 2D/3D ROI tools, including AutoContour for 3D semi-automatic contouring of structures of interest (CT, MR, PET), and ROI color-coded for tissue classification based on voxel values
  • Summary table
  • Multiple export capabilities in different DICOM and non-DICOM formats
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