Specialized Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) methods such as diffusion weighted MR (DW-MR), dynamic MR, spectroscopy, and functional methods have evolved to the point where they are able to provide unique measurements of tissue properties.

A multi-parametric MR approach generates zones within a lesion that reflect heterogeneity and often display characteristic patterns. These attributes have proven to be useful in the diagnosis of tumors, monitoring tumor growth, and guiding biopsies. Consequently, multi-parametric studies are often used in stroke diagnosis and in the diagnosis of cancer related lesions.

While extremely useful, quantifying the information from multi-parametric studies can be very challenging and time consuming.

READY View helps you get the most from multi-parametric exams by enabling analysis of MR data sets with multiple images for each scan location. The platform offers a combination of protocols, applications, and tools that help you make quantified analyses of multiple data sets quickly and easily.


  • Guided workflows to help analyze MR data.
  • Customizable workflows and application with adjustable layouts, personalized parameter settings, custom review steps.
  • Accessible from PC, laptop, PACS/RIS workstation for streamlined workflow.
  • Provides additional clinical information through time curves and color parametric images.
  • Provides protocols for multi-parametric data processing.
  • Enables fusion of color parametric images with anatomical 2D or 3D images with simple "drag and drop" method.
  • Enables MR to MR image registration to reduce patient motion effects.
READY View clinical image


System Requirements

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