Information about the metabolic effect of a given cancer therapy allows you to adjust treatment strategies before physical effects become apparent. But review of PET/CT datasets can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Streamlining this process would let you make therapy adjustments sooner and deliver care more specific to a patient's disease development. PET VCAR streamlines the assessment of metabolic data, giving you the ability to interpret, quantify and manage PET/CT datasets more efficiently.

PET VCAR (Volume Computer Assisted Reading) helps improve visualization and analytical monitoring of disease progression or response to therapy. It provides the ability to compute various Standard Uptake Values (SUV), to measure metabolic activity and volume for PET defined areas of activity, and compare CT, PET/CT and MR studies for baseline and follow-up studies.


  • New automated segmentation of skeleton for bone lesion analysis
  • SUV PEAK generated by PERCIST recommendations.
  • Summary Table for interactive, efficient review of PET functional and CT morphological ROI/VOI data including quick access time activity curves.
  • Q.Check allows fast and comprehensive review of every quantitative information for PET imaging and patient parameters for each loaded study.
  • Adaptable workflow for clinical reading to advanced research using tools supporting PERCIST, EORTC, RECIST 1.0, 1.1, and WHO criteria (option).*
  • Direct access to Integrated Registration option.
  • Compatible with Static, Q,Static, Q.Freeze and 4D PET series. 


Intended Use