PET VCAR (Volume Computer Assisted Reading) helps improve visualization and analytical monitoring of disease progression or response to therapy. It provides the ability to compute various Standard Uptake Values (SUV), to measure metabolic activity and volume for PET defined areas of activity, and compare CT, PET/CT and MR studies for baseline and follow-up studies.
At a glance

Automated segmentation

Lesion targets are automatically assigned based on predefined, customizable SUL/SUV PERCIST 1.0 rules

reading platform

Provides comparison and correlation of CT, MR and PET/CT data

Efficient reviews

Rapid lesion visualization and corresponding quantitative data are displayed in interactive tabular format

Fast and comprehensive

Q.Check provides non-invasive way to display, compare and highlight SUV variability

Additional features of PET VCAR

Optimized threshold based PET lesion segmentation

Maximum percentage threshold, fixed threshold, estimated threshold

Adaptable clinical workflow

Advanced research tools support PERCIST criteria, RECIST 1.0, 1.1, and WHO criteria (option)1

Saves time

Provides a variety of tools to facilitate image and measurement saving and reloading
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