MR VesselIQ™ Xpress

Provides the tools to efficiently evaluate Magnetic Resonance Angiographic (MRA) information

Analyze data

Guided workflows and smart layouts to help analyze vascular MR data.

Adaptable application

Fit requirements for more standardized analysis and improved productivity.

Intuitive tools

In-view tools for editing vessel centerline.

Visual guidance

Analyze directional vessel tortuosity, quantify abnormal vascular structures.

Using radiation-free MRA as a tool for vascular disease diagnosis

Integrated with the Volume Viewer platform, MR VesselIQ™ Xpress offers you advanced techniques to easily track the vasculature geometry and take measurements. The software includes display, measurement, and batch filming/archive features to let you efficiently analyze selected vessels for stenosis, directional tortuosity and other anomalies.

Anatomy-based protocols enable placement of intermediate points when needed.
  • Pre-defined label database accurately labels vessels when using Advanced Vessel Analysis (AVA) based protocols.
  • Automatically provides size, stenosis, and length measurements with two deposited points.
  • Single or double click Quick AVA from any protocol within Volume Viewer to analyze vessels in curved reformat, lumen, or MPR views.
  • Allows saving of current processing state to include measurements, 3D segmentation, and tracking.
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