At a glance


No ingestion or infusion of tagged material required, and ionizing radiation free

Generated maps

Yields information that can help guide surgical intervention procedures

Easy-to-use analysis

Enables processing, analysis, 3D rendering and display of results

Visualization tool

Measures heightened oxygen levels in response to external stimuli


BrainWave imaging software is an easy-to-use analysis and visualization tool for functional brain image data acquired with BrainWave RT. BrainWave enables processing, analysis, 3D rendering and display of results from BOLD MRI scans. It provides:

  • Retrospective motion correction
  • Activation maps generated using Generalized Lineal Model (GLM) analysis
  • Sophisticated visualization techniques that fuse analysis results with anatomical data
  • Clear visualization with color activation maps and interactive thresholding
  • Paradigms saved in the DICOM private structure for fast analysis
  • Full integration with AW filming, networking, and archiving
  • Full DICOM fidelity
  • Ability to transfer activations into high resolution 3D DICOM data sets for neurological applications


  • BrainWave PA lets you interactively view and edit fMRI data. It can reside on the scanner or on your AW station.
  • Software reads volumetric T1-weighted acquisitions in addition to fMRI acquisitions.
  • Processing steps for fMRI data include:

    • Six parameter rigid body motion correction via registration to the first volume.
    • Spatial filtering.
    • Segmentation of the anatomical data so that outer layers of non-brain signal are removed.
    • Registration of fMRI data sets to the structural data set.
    • Calculation of statistical maps corresponding to task-based activation.
    • Formation of Burnt In Pixel (BIP) maps outlining the area of activation in white on the structural scan.
    • Calculation of DTI fiber tracks (option with BrainWave Fusion).
  • View functional data overlaid on the structural image in 2D or 3D renderings. Add annotations or change color and opacities.
  • BrainWave Fusion (option) lets you display white matter tracks with functional data on a high-resolution anatomical image.
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