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AMSORB™ Plus is a new class of absorbent for low-flow anesthesia that is safe, cost-effective and efficient to use.
AMSORB™ Plus is a new class of absorbent for low-flow anesthesia that is safe, cost-effective and efficient to use.

Sustainable CO2 absorbent optimized for low-flow anesthesia

AMSORB Plus products were developed to improve perioperative care with a simplified workflow. Each product contains our innovative AMSORB Plus CO2 absorber. This unique formulation won’t produce harmful byproducts as it absorbs CO2. It also has a reliable color indicator that enables you to confidently use the full absorbent capacity. AMSORB Plus can help save you time and money on your CO2 absorbent usage, but more importantly, it helps ensure patient safety during perioperative care.

Available CO2 absorbent products

The right CO2 absorbent can create a healthier anesthesia environment

CO2 absorption creates a chemical reaction that forces moisture from the absorbent material. This happens with any absorbent. However, with many absorbent products, this reaction can exponentially increase alkalinity enough to degrade anesthetic vapors into toxic inhalants. AMSORB Plus is different. It has a unique formulation free of strong alkali, making it incapable of degrading volatile anesthetic. It also has a violet color indicator that reacts to the dehydrating effects of CO2 absorption. This helps you maximize the life of your absorbent and results in less waste. Overall, AMSORB Plus is safer for your patients and safer for the environment.


AMSORB Plus has been tested and approved to support our entire portfolio of anesthesia machines. With AMSORB Plus, you get a safer, more sustainable CO2 absorbent as well as access to a trusted source for the rest of your anesthesia supplies. AMSORB Plus is compatible with the following products from our anesthesia portfolio:

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