Anesthesia Delivery Systems User Resources

Find all the resources you need to operate your GE Healthcare anesthesia delivery system, so you have the help you need to tailor patient care during the coronavirus crisis.
Contact Technical Support at 1-800-437-1171 (press option 8) if you need assistance during this COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Anesthesia Machines and ICU Ventilation: Differences and Considerations

  • Aisys™ CS2 and Aisys™ Carestation™ Anesthesia Machines: Training Resources

  • Carestation™ 600 Series Anesthesia Machine: Training Resources

  • Avance™ CS2 and Avance™ Carestation™ Anesthesia Machines: Training Resources

  • Aespire™ Anesthesia Machine: Training Resources

  • Aestiva™ Carestation™ Anesthesia Machine: Training Resources

  • Anesthesia Machine Cleaning and Service

  • Anesthesia Machine Accessories and Filters

  • Professional Anesthesiology Society Resources