Diving Deeper: The Legacy and Expansion of MIM Software's Imaging Innovations

In the medical imaging technology field – where precision and innovation are paramount and most top-performing companies are global powerhouses – MIM Software became that rare global player that started as a family company rooted in community and the power of listening to local clinicians.

Building a unique, patient-centric company

MIM Software’s company roots are traceable to the early days of PET scans, when many large corporations struggled to translate PET imaging technology’s extraordinary potential into practical clinical applications. Enter MIM Software co-founder and CEO Andy Nelson, whose “eureka” approach was to do a true deep dive into the everyday realities facing clinicians.

"In the early days of PET imaging, there was tremendous excitement about its potential, yet it struggled to find its place in clinical practice. Recognizing this challenge, my father, who had extensive experience in a medical clinic, played a pivotal role,” shares Andy. “He delved into understanding why PET images weren't being fully utilized despite their insights. Through his efforts, we identified the hurdles and gaps impeding its adoption. With perseverance and a commitment to bridging these divides, we founded a company to address these issues. It was a realization that by leveraging our insights, we could truly make a difference. My father's dedication played a crucial role in driving progress and innovation, shaping the future of MIM Software."

Andy, his father Dennis, and brother-in-law Pete Simmelink built a company that prioritized customer needs to unlock the full potential of medical imaging technologies. It was Dennis who first identified the needs of clinics and developed the first version of software, which ultimately became MIM Software. He then recruited Andy and Pete to help grow the business.

In those early days, Andy wore multiple hats, from implementing solutions at hospitals to designing business models to supporting customers hands-on. Listening sessions, customer deep dives and tailored solutions became MIM Software’s core value proposition.

Today, the company has grown to be a global provider of medical imaging analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the practice of radiation oncology, molecular radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging, and urology at imaging centers, hospitals, specialty clinics, and research organizations worldwide.

The evolution of MIM Software

As MIM Software evolved over the past two decades, it applied this same ethos on an increasingly global scale to solve some of the most complex challenges in medical imaging. MIM Software distinguished itself in the global marketplace:

  • With the integration of diagnostic images from multiple modalities into treatment plans,
  • using automation to reduce repetitive tasks, and
  • deploying advanced processing in diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine to help clinicians determine therapy response.

Today, more than 3,000 institutions across the world use one or more of MIM Software’s 40+ software products built over 20 years of expert healthcare innovation.

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Andy Nelson, CEO, MIM Software at GE HealthCare


The next chapter: joining GE HealthCare

This January, MIM Software announced it would be acquired by GE HealthCare. Andy emphasizes that the decision to join GE HealthCare was driven by a “shared vision of maximizing impact.” They recognized the opportunity to integrate MIM Software’s solutions with GE HealthCare’s portfolio, expanding its reach and increasing positive outcomes for patients.

"Embracing the exciting opportunities in fields like Theranostics, we acknowledge the challenges ahead. With GE HealthCare’s significant investment and our innovative solutions, we aim to add value to this evolving landscape,” shares Andy. “Our journey began with PET-CT and engaging directly with clinicians to understand their needs – a mission that will continue during this next chapter.”

Similarly, GE HealthCare’s focus on the care pathways resonates with MIM Software’s approach of creating outcomes that reach beyond its direct customers. By aligning with GE HealthCare’s vision and leveraging our integrated solutions, MIM Software strives to amplify its impact and facilitate real-world implementation with GE HealthCare to support the broad practice of precision care across various disease states and imaging practices. This includes:

  • Theranostics in oncology for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer,
  • streamlined workflow solutions in radiation oncology to help simplify complex cancer treatment plans,
  • beta amyloid imaging in neurology to support the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s patients, and
  • myocardial perfusion to help clinicians diagnose coronary artery disease (CAD).

To this, Pete Arduini, President & CEO of GE HealthCare, shares: “We are thrilled to welcome MIM Software, known for driving innovation in multimodal image analytics and workflow, to our global GE HealthCare team. These new capabilities align with our precision care strategy to personalize care, enhance hospital efficiency and clinician effectiveness, and appeal to new and existing GE HealthCare and MIM Software users who see this as an opportunity to better serve patients and help improve outcomes."

MIM Software’s journey from a family company to joining GE HealthCare exemplifies the power of vision, perseverance, and collaboration in advancing healthcare technology.


MIM Software employees at work


“This [acquisition] is a fusion of innovative visions, aimed at evolving the way we detect, treat, and manage disease,” adds Taha Kass-Hout, MD, MS, Chief Technology Officer of GE HealthCare. "GE HealthCare is committed to developing smart, AI-powered devices that cater to specific disease states, thereby enabling clinicians to deliver more personalized care. We expect the addition of MIM Software will also advance our efforts in connecting data across care pathways. It is a leap towards a future where healthcare is more precise, connected, and efficient, with the goal of benefitting providers and patients worldwide.”

As MIM Software embarks on this new chapter with GE HealthCare, Andy and the team remain steadfast in their commitment to customer success and innovation to shape the future of medical imaging and patient care.