77% of your emergency department ultrasound scans may go unbilled

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When your staff is moving at the speed of the emergency department, ultrasound exams may not be getting billed leading to lost revenue.

Healthcare organizations lose millions of dollars every year because most ultrasound scans in the ED aren’t capturing the data necessary for back-end billing. But the clinicians need a solution that works at the speed of the ED and won’t bog them down in administrative tasks.

The right solution needs to both capture lost revenue and drive ED efficiency.

Here are four eye-opening facts:

One study found 77% of ultrasound scans in the ED go unbilled1. Hospitals wouldn’t let 77% of surgeries go unbilled or 77% of labor and delivery encounters yet this is what’s happening in the ED. 

$3.285 million in lost revenue2. That’s how much GE HealthCare data shows hospitals lose every year when ultrasound procedures don’t get billed as emergency department personnel are focused on the urgency of patient care.

Systems that require clinicians to jump through hoops to conduct, read and record an ultrasound exam result in lost time and inefficiency. The right workflow solution can result in up to a 79% time saving for each ultrasound scan patient encounter.3  

Integrated billing workflows mean that the physician can stay focused on patient care leading to more satisfaction for both the patient and the doctor. Time savings may also lead to increased patient throughput.

Every hospital administrator wants to optimize the investment they’re making in equipment. It’s smart business and it’s good for patients and staff.

GE HealthCare’s ViewPoint™ 6 reporting software, together with the Venue™ family of ultrasound systems is the solution that both administrators and clinicians in the ED are looking for. ED personnel conduct the scan as usual and then the ViewPoint 6 platform takes care of getting the reports to the PACS and EMR requiring no extra steps from the clinician.

Capture revenue that’s been missed and drive additional efficiency in the emergency department.

Find out more about unbilled ultrasound scans in the emergency department.



1.Stephen Alerhand et. al., Attrition in emergency department point-of-care ultrasound workflow adherence for the evaluation of cutaneous abscesses, JHNHP 2020

2. Figure calculated based on average critical care/emergency department procedure reimbursement and the assumption of 30 POCUS systems not connected to the EMR in a facility with each performing 5 exams per day. Actual results may vary.

3. Based on internal GE HealthCare study Point of Care Ultrasound – Encounter-based workflow with Venue Family R4 and ViewPoint 6 POC Module improves operational outcomes, June 2022 DOC2757861