Maximize earnings

Care that can optimize revenue potential.

Generate a return on your ultrasound investments when you increase your reimbursement potential.
At a Glance

Simple, 3-step solution

Maximize accuracy, efficiency, security, and billing.

Faster ED workflow

Faster data capture means more patients, more scans.

Optimize patient care

Eliminate the choice between fast patient care and billing documentation.

Maximize reimbursement

Get the documentation needed to get reimbursed for the exams you perform.

Are you leaving money behind?

$3.3 million may be lost annually from point-of-care ultrasound exams performed without appropriate reimbursement documentation.1 Our POCUS workflow solution helps your staff capture the information necessary for reimbursement, and seamlessly send it to PACS and EMRs. This means you don't have to choose between fast exams and accurate documentation for reimbursement.

Increase reimbursement

77% of these ultrasound scans in Emergency Departments may be going unbilled2 because of time-consuming and tedious documentation processes for ultrasound exams.

More efficient billing

Our POCUS workflow solution offers up to 79% in time savings, allowing your staff to work smarter and faster by leveraging a more seamless workflow that captures the right information.

Focus on patients

A streamlined workflow enables your staff to operate at the necessary speed of the ED, without being hindered by excessive documentation. This ensures that patient care is at the forefront.

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  1. Figure calculated based on average critical care/emergency department procedure reimbursement and the assumption of 30 POCUS systems not connected to the EMR in a facility, with each performing five exams per day. Actual results may vary.
  2. Stephen Alerhand et. al., Attrition in emergency department point-of-care ultrasound workflow adherence for the evaluations of cutaneous abscesses, JHNHP 2020.
  3. Based on an internal GEHC research study using simulated use encounter-based workflow between Venue Family R4 and ViewPoint 6 POC Module including RFID badge scanning Imprivata, Venue, and ViewPoint (June 2022) – DOC2757861