GE HealthCare launches Theranostics Pathway Manager Tile*

The healthcare industry is experiencing a surge in demand for theranostics infrastructure and best practices following Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) authorization of new theranostics-related drugs and therapies. As more personalized therapy treatments become available and the patient population rises, there is a desperate need for timely and efficient care pathways.

Theranostics Pathway Manager Tile, available on GE HealthCare’s Command Center Software Platform, offers providers an easy-to-use application aims at simplifying the burdensome work of coordinating the theranostics care pathway and identifying and tracking potential theranostics candidates – work that today is done manually and lacks efficiency.

“Coordination of theranostics care is highly manual, time intensive and error-prone. It involves care teams checking and rechecking essential information due to a lack of real-time information which can lead to inefficiency,” said Jeff Terry, Founder and Commercialization Leader, Command Center. “The Theranostics Pathway Manager Tile makes it much easier to manage with continuously updating information at the fingertips of coordinators, caregivers and providers.

Key features include:
1. A continuously updating list of patients who have been placed onto the relevant Theranostics pathway.
2. For patients on the theranostics pathway, continuously updating information about when their treatments and treatment-related activities (e.g., SPECT/CT, oncologist appointments) are scheduled or were conducted.
3. For upcoming treatments, a continuously updating status of readiness or unreadiness according to the hospital’s protocol for expected lab, imaging and physician appointments being scheduled and completed. For labs, the list also flags when lab values Come back out of range defined by the hospital.
4. A continuously updating list of patients who may be candidates for the Theranostics pathway based on hospital’s protocol.

The tile aims at:
1. Reducing the time spent tracking which patients are on the relevant theranostics pathway.
2. Reducing the time spent searching for information about which patients have had their labs collected, and their imaging and doctors’ appointments scheduled and completed.
3. Reducing the time spent searching to see if the lab results have been returned and if the values are abnormal.
4. Reducing the number of manual spreadsheets, sticky notes and text message threads which are currently used to track patients that may be future candidates for the pathways.

GE HealthCare’s Command Center Software Platform is a real-time and predictive control system for ongoing patient care orchestration. The Platform integrates streaming data from the EMR and other source systems, connects dots, and applies AI to put crucial insights at the hands of caregivers and leaders via “Tiles.” A Tile is a decision support application within the Command Center Software Platform. Tiles enable teams to take action with real time & cross-system insight. Other Command Center tiles include Capacity Expediter Tile, Patient Manager Tile and Boarders & Transfers Intake Tile.

*Not commercially available in all markets. Please contact your sales rep for more information.

Linh Dinh
M: 408.275.5682