ACCREDITATION TYPECE, ASRT - Technologists/Allied Health
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    About this class

    Computed Tomography
    TiP Applications TVA Training

     CT Neuro Perfusion instruction provides the Radiologic Technologists and/or Radiologists with training in the theory, operation and application of the software application on the AW Workstation. Upon completion participants should be able to operate the software as required by the Physician in the performance of patient studies. The program spans 2 hours of didactic instruction on patient scanning and analysis segments.

    • Overview

      By the end of the program, Technologists should be able to perform basic to intermediate procedures on the CT Neuro Perfusion software. 


      COURSE LENGTH: 2 Hours
      ACCREDITATION TYPE: CE, ASRT - Technologists/Allied Health
      COURSE ID: W0972CT

      Course Content:

      • Identify location of operator manuals and safety information
      • Explain recommended scan and injection parameters
      • Review Images
      • Check image registration, and set threshold range
      • Place artery and vein Input
      • Select Last Pre and First Post Enhancement Images
      • Viewing Blood Volume, Blood Flow, Mean Transit Time, and Permeability Maps
      • Review of methods for saving and printing of processed data
    • Target Audience

      This course is designed for CT Technologist and/or Radiologists.

    • Prerequisites

      •  TVA ready GE AW Workstation or GE CT scanner with CT Neuro Perfusion
      • Basic knowledge of AW Workstation (preferred)
      • Sample exams 
    • Schedule / Registration

      Please contact your GE Healthcare Representative for pricing and scheduling information.

    About TiP Virtual Assist (TVA) Training

    TiP TVA Program Overview

    TiP Virtual Assist (TVA), a GE Training in Partnership (TiP) program, revolutionizes applications training with live, remote and interactive sessions conducted from hundred or even thousands of miles away. Powered by a high-speed broadband link, TVA allows the trainer to connect directly with the customer's imaging console for simultaneous observation of the screen, shared control of the mouse and two-way interaction by phone.

    Radiologists and Technologists feel like their remote trainer is actually there in person. The end result; a boundary-less education model combining the hands-on benefits of onsite training with the convenience of distance learning for improved productivity and enhanced knowledge retention.

    After installation of your new AW or DI system, a GE Applications Specialist will contact you to schedule a convenient time for training delivery. Total duration for each TVA program varies. Some programs are designed to be delivered in one "visit", while others are segmented into "modules" to help you better manage your training time. The agenda included in the TVA training packet you will receive describes the content of each module, the recommended delivery schedule, and the total contact hours per module.

    Preparing Your Department for TVA Training

    Prepare Your Department for TVA

    Optimal training results are produced when a core group of 4 Technologists/Radiologists are dedicated to the complete program. To ensure a learning environment without distraction, the patient schedule should be modified to allow full participation during the contact hours for each module. You will need to ensure that a telephone / speakerphone is available at the system, and that your system is broadband connected.

    CE Considerations for TVA Training

    CE certification eligibility, where applicable, requires attendance of all modules in their entirety. The instructing GE Applications Specialist will verify training attendance via random roll call throughout the training program. CE certificates may be printed directly from the TiP Applications Post Training Documentation web site.