Radiology solutions

Leveraging transformational imaging technology to realize the promise of precision medicine and help deliver better outcomes. Our medical imaging products range from systems, including MRI, CT, PET, SPECT, Ultrasound, Mammography and X-ray, to digital and AI solutions to help drive healthcare digitialization, help enable faster exam workflow, improve clinical outcomes and increase efficiencies.

Efficiency + Capacity

AI + Digital

Precision Medicine

Access + Health Equity


Medical imaging products and solutions for radiology

Computed Tomography


Molecular Imaging

Leveraging imaging across care pathways

  • Oncology Solutions

    Helping cancer care providers gain the upper hand with diagnostic and treatment technologies to improve detection, clinical and operational efficiency, and outcomes.
  • Theranostics Solutions

    Connecting every step in molecular medicine, from drug discovery and disease diagnosis, to treatment monitoring.
  • Cardiology Solutions

    Providing solutions that help you deliver better outcomes through optimizing and personalizing your patients' care.

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