One–Stop Clinic™ for Breast

The One-Stop Clinic™ for Breast is a customized, value-based, breast care offering designed to help caregivers optimize and accelerate their breast care service lines, while providing unparalleled clinical accuracy and first-rate support to the patient, from triage to treatment.
At a glance

Improve patient care

Supported by a nurse navigator and dedicated multidisciplinary team of breast specialists

Reduce time intervals

Designed to shorten the time between exam, results and treatment planning

Optimized and improved outcomes

Optimize staff and equipment planning and coordination to render diagnoses and treatment plan within hours.

Why implement a One-Stop Clinic in your facility?

• The One-Stop Clinic uses proven protocols to deliver a personalized care plan for each breast care patient, in one place and within hours
• Our highly customized One-Stop Clinics enable your multidisciplinary teams to collaborate seamlessly in real-time with patients to improve outcomes
• Powered by GE HealthCare advisory services, technology, education and training, we partner with you to implement this impactful one-of-a-kind offering
• GE HealthCare digital solutions implemented to help measure 
outcomes and improve overall care and experience for patients.

Operational outcomes*


Received results in 36 hours or less


Received results in 48 hours or less


Reduction in time elapsed from diagnostic imaging to pathology


Reduction in days from screening mammography to time to treatment

Where speed and accuracy meet peace of mind to help ensure your patients experience. Proven results in breast cancer diagnoses.

When an abnormality is detected in a patient’s breasts, the objective of GE HealthCare's One-Stop Clinic solution for Breast Care is to help providers offer a patient-centric, breast care diagnostic consultation and assessment in as short a time as possible and in just one visit.

Customized and optimized solutions developed for you and your service line.

Dedicated multidisciplinary team

The multi-disciplinary team that works together in the One-Stop Clinic is focused on helping improve the overall patient experience with high quality diagnosis and treatment planning.

The patient is supported by a dedicated multidisciplinary team of medical specialists— radiologists, oncologists, surgeons, pathologist/cytologists and nurse navigators—who will work with the patient to obtain a diagnosis and, if necessary, offer a treatment program.

A coordinated patient journey

A day in the life of a patient at the One-Stop Clinic for Breast looks like this: Upon arrival, the patient reports to the central reception area. She provides her name to the reception staff, who directs her to an administrative services professional so that medical and administrative files can be addressed. The patient is greeted by someone on the care team, and is given the appropriate direction by the Center’s administrative team.

The first consultation takes place with the multidisciplinary breast pathology team including a breast surgeon or a medical oncologist. The physician reviews her previous exams, discusses her personal and family history, and examines her.

Finally, the physician goes over all test results with her and discusses next steps and treatment options.

Key elements to improved outcomes:

• Alignment with customer to partner with GE HealthCare on your new breast care service line
• Technology assessment (including equipment utilization)
• Value stream mapping to inform near and long-term care
• Clinical application training – right applications for the 
• Market, scan, and current state review
• Executive visioning session to clarify what the provider 
want to achieve
• Facilitated sessions on workflow and operational
• design Dash (scheduling and registration, staffing levels, 
hours of operation)

Products empower your customized One-Stop Clinic for Breast

Early detection


Staging & Planning



1. With Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus a study was performed with ~11 000 women over 8 years and proved One Stop Clinic provide unprecedented patient benefits.

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