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Streamlining and Automating Cath Lab and Echo Workflows With Six Clicks

American Hospital has played a vital role in the development of the health sector in Turkey for over 92 years. Every year, the 241 bed, non-profit, private health institution treats more than 15,000 and 130,000 patients in inpatient and outpatient settings, respectively. 

Cardiology Department needed centralized, efficient reporting

But its cardiology department—one of the first established in a private hospital in Turkey—was facing some challenges. The inefficient, manual reporting processes in place were hindering timely decision making and complicating clinician work.

To achieve its aim of improving departmental efficiency and speeding up care-decision making, American Hospital needed a centralized solution to consolidate its disparate imaging and data systems and facilitate structured reporting. And for this, GE Healthcare's CentricityTM Cardio Enterprise —a solution consisting of CentricityTM Universal Viewer and CentricityTM Cardio Workflow—was chosen. 

Streamlined cath lab and echo workflows improved report turnaround times

With Centricity Cardio Enterprise, workflows in the Cath and Echo service lines at American Hospital are streamlined. Manual and error-prone tasks like report transcription and dictation, preliminary report review, paper-based worksheet steps, and manual entry of patient demographic information were eliminated.

Now, data and measurement from point-of-care units are automatically collected by Centricity Cardio Enterprise and used to create structured reports. This has resulted in faster, more predictable report turnaround times, as well as standardization of reporting formats.

In quantitative terms,  American Hospital saw a 75 percent reduction in average cath lab report turnaround time. Additionally, it now only takes six clicks to complete an echocardiology report. 

Aggregated data and remote access enabled faster care decision-making

In cath labs, rapid diagnosis, treatment, and intervention are crucial in saving the lives of patients with acute coronary syndrome. With Centricity Cardio Enterprise, critical diagnostic and intervention data at the hospital are aggregated to provide a final cath report in much less time than before. 

Physicians in the department can now see patients' cardiac procedure and exam history, imaging history, and ECGs in a single solution—enabling them to determine the best course of action quickly. 

More, physicians have remote access to patient reports, allowing them to make critical care decisions, regardless of location. 

 "Through Centricity Cardio Enterprise Solution, the results of the examination of the emergency service applications are relayed to the relevant physicians' computers for early intervention," said Saide Aytekin, M.D, cardiologist, and professor at American Hospital.

Automated data flow simplified physician and staff work

With Centricity Cardio Enterprise, the transfer of measurements and data captured at the point of care is automated. Sonographers no longer need to write results on worksheets or verify measurements in final reports. 

For physicians, these measurements and data are already pre-populated into the reports—significantly reducing the time physicians spend reviewing findings and signing off on final reports. Today, clinicians at American Hospital spend more time with patients.

In any cardiology department, a number of treatment decisions rely on the results of cath exams and echo studies. By deploying the Centricity Cardio Enterprise solution, American Hospital secured fast and predictable reporting turnaround times, simplified reporting workflows, and consequently, helped clinicians expedite care decision making.

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