Manage your medical equipment service and support anytime, anywhere and all in one place—on desktop or mobile.
At a glance

Total fleet visibility

Manage equipment and request service through one cohesive platform

Anytime, anywhere

A consistent, synchronized experience across both desktop and the mobile app

Customized notifications

Stay informed with alerts, insights, and reports on any device in your fleet1

Comprehensive support

Connect with your GE HealthCare team through one central point of contact

One home for your digital relationship with GE HealthCare

You work hard to stay agile, in touch and ahead of the many challenges of managing your healthcare equipment fleet. That’s why there’s MyGEHealthCare: the hassle-free way to manage your digital relationship with GEHealthCare in real time, in one place. Whether you’re at your desktop or on the go with your mobile device, MyGEHealthCare brings you comprehensive support and total equipment fleet visibility. It’s all available with a single login and one seamless experience.

A one-stop shop for comprehensive, full lifecycle support on any device for a seamless service experience

No matter where you are, whether you’re on your desktop or mobile, the MyGEHealthCare allows you to access a personalized dashboard with proactive insight, equipment reports, order information, education resources, security updates, and quick access to support inquiries.
Customizable dashboard

The MyGEHealthCare begins with your customizable dashboard

It’s where you can get all your questions answered at a glance. It’s easy to personalize your view and set all your preferences to deliver the right information for your operation.
Equipment reports

Proactively manage your entire fleet, whenever and wherever you want

Run reports on equipment utilization and exam performance while also reviewing biomedical inventory. Plus, view real-time MR system connectivity status along with other essential magnet parameters.
Parts and service orders

The simple and fast way to create and track service requests

Request, track, and get notifications on service and part orders while also reviewing previous and current GE HealthCare equipment purchases.
Real-time notifications

With real-time push notifications, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your fleet

Customize your preferences and review the latest updates and alerts related to your equipment and orders.

Easily manage equipment with GE HealthCare

Easy to connect

Connect for the full experience to quickly access My GE HealthCare Team contacts within the system whenever needed

Operational efficiency

Analytics guide workflow and help optimize staff and patient scheduling, experience, and satisfaction

Financial performance

Help improve purchase planning through revenue stream maintenance and unexpected cost management
Service and support

Connect with us through one central point of contact, via desktop or mobile

Serving as a digital home, the MyGEHealthCare offers fast access to the GE HealthCare team and connects you to whatever support you need—when you need it—with just a few clicks.

Access all the educational and training resources you need

From our HealthCare Learning System and Digital Expert, to clinical and technical training, manuals, and cleaning info, MyGEHealthCare features everything your clinicians need to stay informed and up-to-date.

Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats

With MyGEHealthCare, you can enter the Product Security Portal for critical cybersecurity updates and advisories that impact your equipment and systems—helping you avoid unexpected costs.

  1. Only DI/Biomed equipment at this time

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