Cardiac IQ Functionality

Shared Service

  • Convenience

    Scan with convenience and reliability.

    The Vivid T8 is designed to be easy to operate and transport in many environments. Its intuitive user interface is a true Vivid console, with Vivid applications, features, workflow, and reliability, simplified for ease of use.

    Convenient control layout

    The touch screen, rotary dials, and patient management buttons are conveniently located, and all mode buttons are grouped together near the trackball.

    Scan Coach

    Showing basic scanning techniques with graphic of probe position, schematic of anatomy and example clinical image.

    Ready-to-go mobility

    Weighing just 128 pounds, with durable casters and push handles front and back, the Vivid T8 is easy to push and roll on tiled or carpeted floors.

    Smart Standby

    In case of accidental shutdown or power failure, or just when you are moving the scanner to another room, the system automatically saves data and the system turns into "Standby" mode. When power is restored, the system automatically turns on instantly, maintaining exact system state prior to shutdown.

    Ample transducer capacity

    The Vivid T8 has four RS transducer ports and four standard transducer holders, plus two optional ones.

Connectivity and Security

  • Transducers

    Comprehensive transducer selection*

    The Vivid T8 offers a 3Sc-RS transducer, a 6S-RS transducer, a 9T-RS transducer, a 12S-RS transducer and a P2D-RS transducer for cardiac imaging.

    There is also a versatile shared service transducer selection including a 4C-RS transducer, an 8C-RS transducer, an E8C-RS transducer, a 9L-RS transducer, a L8-18i-RS transducer and a 12L-RS transducer.

    Learn more about Ultrasound Transducers.


Services & Support


  • Vivid Learning Webinars

    Vivid Learning is our Cardiovascular Ultrasound education program for healthcare professionals. The webinar series features clinical topics like Strain, AFI, and more presented by physicians, sonographers, and our clinical education team members.

    Sonographers can earn CE credits for watching the webinar recordings, and the site is open to existing and future customers.

    Visit the site today to see our latest webinars and continue your learning!

    SDMS credit may be issued to licensed sonographers based on course attendance, open to USA and Canada only

Vivid Club

You're invited to join the club.

We invite you to join the Vivid Club, a network of thousands of fellow Vivid ultrasound users. Club membership gives you access to many tools and resources which are only available to members, helping you experience the full power of your Vivid ultrasound system. Members are regularly informed about developments in Vivid ultrasound technology and provided with special offers and opportunities which are announced on the club's own Vivid Club website.

The benefits of club membership are many:

  • Information on new products and offers
  • Educational offerings & online trainings
  • Application tips & tricks
  • White papers & user guides
  • Clinical image gallery

If you are not a member, consider joining today to begin taking advantage of these outstanding tools.

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