Versana Balance™ Features




Whizz Dynamic Image Tuning

Push a button to automatically optimize an image, even as you move from one structure to another.

B-Flow and B-Flow color

Provides a more intuitive representation of non-quantitative hemodynamics in vascular structures.

Thyroid Productivity

Assess the thyroid while scanning, and add comments that feed directly into the report.

Breast Productivity Tool

Assess breasts while scanning, and measure structures in comments that feed directly into reports.

Voice Comments

Connect a microphone, touch an icon, and record comments that can be played back during review.

Scan Assistant

Create and set standardized protocols for ultrasound sonographers.


3D animated pictures, anatomic illustrations, and ultrasound images to help decide proper scan plane

Effective exam follow-up

Automatically identify the same probe, preset, depth, gain, and frequency settings of prior scans.

Auto EF

Automatically track myocardial tissue deformation and calculate left ventricular ejection fraction.

Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI)

Calculate and color-code the velocity in tissue.


Use TruScan data to make an advanced analysis and quantification of left ventricular function.

Myocardial Doppler

Ultrasound imaging with color overlay on the tissue image.

Tissue Doppler

Acquire data in the background during regular 2D imaging.

SonoBiometry Tool

Get suggested caliper placements to perform standardized BPD, HC, AC, FL, and HL fetal measurements.

Needle Recognition

Simplify biopsy procedures with technology that clarifies the exact position of the needle point.


Adding movement to a 3D image, 4D rendering provides fast reconstruction of anatomical sweeps.

Insite Technology

Instantly connect with a remote GE HealthCare service expert to resolve issues.

Whizz Label*

AI-enabled, automated labeling of right upper quadrant organs (right kidney, gallbladder, and liver).

Liver Productivity*

Assess the liver while scanning, and add comments that feed directly into the report.


Incredible ultrasound images that will allow clinicians to clearly follow baby's development in detail.
  1. *Available on Versana Balance V2
  2. 1 This service is provided by Trice Imaging, Inc. Requires internet connection and a Tricefy subscription.

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