• Image Management

    Simplify your ultrasound image management with the powerful solution that provides quick and easy access to images, clips and volumes. With ViewPoint 6 , you can receive thousands of images from multiple systems and manage them in one workstation.

    As a scalable solution, ViewPoint 6 helps optimize your workflow by offering the option to integrate seamlessly with an existing PACS system to store images. Built for ultrasound, ViewPoint 6 offers powerful features that may help improve productivity and quality of review.

  • Professional Ultrasound Reporting

    Create quality custom ultrasound reports for you and your referring physicians quickly and efficiently with ViewPoint 6, the one view customizable solution designed for MFM.

    Clean, organized reports with images, graphs and diagrams document the most important details to provide to referring physicians. Advanced reporting for MFM includes:

    • Extended Fetal Biometry & Doppler
    • Comprehensive Fetal Anatomy
    • Maternal Assessment
    • Fetal Echocardiography
    • Invasive Procedures
    • Genetic Counseling
    • Pregnancy Outcome

    ViewPoint 6 helps increase daily efficiency with clear reports and access to data for post-processing, all in one comprehensive, dedicated solution.

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  • ViewPoint 6 Workflow and Integration

    From the start of the exam to final storage, ViewPoint 6 may help you reduce many of the steps that can slow down your department workflow. This efficient digital solution with electronic reporting worksheets helps reduce manual and duplicate data entry and decrease report turnaround time.

    • Archive exam information
    • Send report to an EMR
    • Fax or print report for a colleague
    • Send images to an existing PACS

    ViewPoint 6 connects seamlessly to your existing multi-vendor ultrasound devices and IT systems to help with efficiency and data quality while enhancing your current investment.

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  • Analytics on Ultrasound Exams

    See BEYOND the obvious

    The analytics module in ViewPoint 6 can help put all that data at your fingertips to look for trends and details easily and accurately. It gives you the power to create a query for any information in the database you want to learn more about, and, with one click, export to other applications, like Microsoft ® Excel®.

    The ViewPoint 6 analytics tools can help you with:

    • Quality control
    • Workflow enhancements
    • Accreditation
    • Trending
    • Research
    • Budget planning

    Quickly and easily search for the information you’re looking for – giving you comprehensive data control.

  • ViewPoint 6 Services

    Reliable support when you need it

    From the beginning, our extensive team of IT and ultrasound professionals are here to make sure your needs are covered. Our experienced clinical and application experts, interface and technical engineers, project managers and support teams are available to help address your specific requirements.

    The professional service team is available for individualized solutions such as new interface installations, software migrations and more.

    A software maintenance agreement (SMA) offers comprehensive service allowing you to:

    • Get help with a technical or clinical question from our helpdesk
    • Stay current with product updates
    • Benefit from the latest performance and stability enhancements
    • Download the latest release from our new e-distribution portal
    • Attend webinars and meet the expert sessions online 

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