Trium CTG Online*

GE together with Trium built a powerful CTG documentation and monitoring system just as vigilant and reliable as you are.

Need IT to be clear and reliable

We understand that maintaining a non-invasive environment during labor is a priority for both mothers and midwives. Trium has built the second generation of Trium CTG Online, a central CTG monitoring & archiving system, strongly focused on reliability, ease of use and diagnostic support.Trium is a pioneer and leader in the online analysis of CTG traces, providing you support to make the right decisions at the right time. Trium CTG Online provides a central and reliable archive for your CTG and patient data. It allows smart and secure real time access to all active CTG recordings using your web browser.

*manufacturer: Trium CTG Online Analysis GmbH
product not available in all markets

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  • FIGO Analysis

  • Partogram

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