Fits into small spaces. And fits into your budget.

When portability and easy scanning are key, the LOGIQTM V2 fits right in. If you're looking for a system that can quickly move from room to room, take a look at the LOGIQ V2.

The LOGIQ V2 has many features and capabilities that are important in Labor and Delivery, including:

  • Image quality. Great image quality is easy to achieve, whether they scan 1 patient a
    day or 10
  • Ease of use. A simplified system with an easy workflow for L&D so you can get a good image quickly and
  • Productivity. Auto-Optimization to quickly adjust image quality with the touch of a button
  • Portability. Whether on the cart or carried by the handle, the system goes where you need it to without
    having to power down
  • Simplified Connectivity. Wired and wireless options streamline archiving and communication

Image Quality

In Labor and Delivery, you want a system that can help you get images quickly. The LOGIQ V2 is designed with users like you in mind - simple and easy to use without compromising on image quality. From auto-optimization to Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) and CrossXBeamTM , the LOGIQ V2 workflow aims to help users get a great image easily. For an idea on what you can image with the LOGIQ V2, take a look at our OB images below.

  • Support

    Whether you need help enhancing image quality or have a question regarding a specific technology - we're here for you. When you need us.

    Clinical applications team members are available from 8am-7pm EST to help answer your questions:

    • Setting up protocols
    • Assistance with using a specific feature
    • Optimizing an image for your preference
    • Training on automated programs, like SonoL&D

    No question is too big or small for our Valued Connections team. And it's not just phone support - we can use a number of technologies to help answer your questions:

    • InSite™ - to remotely access your system if connected to Ethernet, where we can see exactly what you see on the screen
    • Virtual meetings - to provide training and support in an interactive setting. Use the camera on your laptop or mobile device to interact live with our specialists.

    Your system also has an on-board help program that provides interactive access to information on settings, operation, connectivity, and maintenance. Or log on to the LOGIQ Club, with online access to tools and resources to help you experience the full power of your system.


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