Definium™ 646 HD X-ray System

Gain workflow efficiency and diagnostic confidence with our configurable digital X-ray machine that adapts to your needs.
At a Glance

High image quality

Outstanding clarity with FlashPad™ HD wireless detectors and Helix™ advanced image processing

Auto Protocol Assist

Automatic selection of anatomy and technique based on modality work list

Fast and easy X-ray exams

Comprehensive workflow automation suite increases efficiency

New user interface

Redesigned navigation and QuickTools for fewer clicks and intuitive operation

Get the diagnostic clarity you need from the first X-ray

Definium 646 HD X-ray system delivers sharp detail and consistent performance, despite variations in exposure technique and challenging exam conditions.


Optimize the X-ray experience with versatility, speed and precision for all patients


See bone and soft tissue better

Eliminate obstructions from overlying bones, while providing additional information on calcifications in chest and abdomen studies with GE HealthCare's Dual Energy Subtraction. Delivered with the Helix advanced image processing chain, X-rays are more consistent despite variations in exposure technique or challenging exam conditions.

See multiple images in one fast, seamless, highly automated exam

The Definium 646 HD provides seamless long bone and spine imaging at the wall stand. Enhanced with AutoSpine, an intelligent pasting algorithm, Auto Image Paste follows the contour of the spine for vertical equalization enabling a natural balance of brightness and contrast along the patent body.

See sharp detail and consistent image quality with on-device AI

Helix™ advanced image processing algorithms harness the full high-resolution power and exceptional dose efficiency of FlashPad HD detectors to deliver outstanding clarity and extraordinary anatomical detail where it matters most. Plus, automated brightness and contrast delivers improved consistency across variations in dose exposure.

Improve patient experience and workflow

Definium 646 HD was developed with your patient's safety and comfort in mind.

Helix Workstation

The standalone Helix Workstation helps support patient care by allowing technologists to process, edit and reprocess images around exam demand and without system impact.

Live streaming video

Help technologists monitor their patients position and safety with live streaming video, potentially reducing repeats and rejects caused by patient motion.

Extensive patient safety features

1. Double-tap safety foot pedals (table and wall stand)
2. Safety switches to disable motion during patient transfer
3. Two emergency stop buttons
4. Anti-collision and anti-pinch sensors on table, wall stand and ceiling suspension
5. Electromagnetic brakes securing vertical motion of wall stand

Additional features

Versatile configurations

Adapts to your clinical environment with multiple table, wall stand and ceiling suspension configuration options


Automatically maintain SID and tube-detector alignment with table and wall stand receptor

Auto field-of-view

Predetermined collimation sizes for each view


Detector charging in the table and wall stand bucky

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