Critical Care Suite 2.0

At a Glance

Confidence at point of care

ET Tube cases at a glance

Triage critical conditions

Seamless integration

Built to improve the standard of care you’re delivering to patients

In these challenging times, radiology departments are under tremendous pressure to manage an ever-increasing number of cases. Every minute counts when dealing with high-risk procedures such as tracheal intubation¹ and critical conditions including pneumothorax. Critical Care Suite is a collection of on-device, AI algorithms that integrate seamlessly with your existing X-ray workflow and assist you in delivering the highest quality care to patients.

Helping you when every minute counts

Endotracheal tube positioning*

Pneumothorax triage and notification

Real-time quality alerts

Seamless integration with your X-ray imaging workflow

We are overall very happy with the performance of the algorithm and currently using it for routine patient care. CCS represents the easiest implementation of novel radiology software, specifically AI-integration, that I have encountered in my career.

Amit Gupta, MD

Cardiothoracic Radiologist and Modality Director of Diagnostic Radiography - UH Cleveland Medical Center

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