CARESCAPE VC150 Vital Signs Monitor

Clinical excellence, mobile charting, seamless connectivity.

Trusted in vital signs monitoring, enabling more time with patients

The CARESCAPE™ VC150 vital signs monitor helps support patient comfort while maintaining high clinical accuracy. Common tasks require only one step, making it fast and easy to use. With touch screen capability, and trusted DINAMAP™ SuperSTAT non-invasive blood pressure algorithm, the CARESCAPE VC150 vital signs monitor helps improve patient care, streamline clinical operations and is designed to reduce monitoring downtime. The CARESCAPE VC150 Monitor can be configured to support EWS defined by your clinical facility.

Accurate vital signs integrated to EMRs

  • The CARESCAPE VC150 vital signs monitor sends accurate patient data directly and wirelessly to health systems. Data can be sent whether measurements were taken during spot-check mode or continuous monitoring.

Clinical excellence

  • Clinical excellence helps enable better patient care decisions. Technologies include choice of SpO2 (TruSignal , Masimo® or NellcorTM) temperature (Welch-Allyn® SureTemp or Exergen® TemporalScannerTM), and DINAMAP SuperSTAT NIBP with large variety of CRITIKON blood pressure cuff types and sizes to accommodate any patient need, including bariatric patients.
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Intended use

  • The CARESCAPE VC150 vital signs monitor with touch screen interface is designed for spot check or continuous monitoring at the site of care or during intra-hospital transport. It is designed for use on adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.


CARESCAPE* VC150 vital signs monitor benefits

Patient care

  • GE TruSignal SpO2 is designed and tested to help ensure patient comfort. It helps clinicians to make better care decisions with GE developed algorithm also in challenging clinical motion conditions.
  • Masimo rainbow SET® with Acoustic Respiration Rate (RRA) can be used for monitoring multiple blood constituents and physiologic parameters in addition to providing Masimo rainbow SET® pulse oximetry. RRA™ for noninvasive and continuous assessment of patients' breathing, facilitating earlier detection of respiratory compromise and patient distress.
  • Covidien™ Nellcor™ SpO2 with Saturation Pattern Detection (SPD) for monitoring pulse oximetry with Nellcor SpO2 and Pulse Rate, motion-tolerant and with LoSat™ accuracy. SatSeconds™ Alarm Management for reducing non-clinical nuisance alarms. The OxiMax SPD™ Alert for detecting desaturation patterns indicative of repetitive reduction in airflow.

Workflow efficiencies

  • Direct EMR connectivity minimizes charting errors and decreases the lag time between vitals capture and EMR documentation from hours to mere seconds, enabling nurses to focus more on their patients.

Easy serviceability and maintenance

  • Simple capabilities and remote serviceability may help reduce monitor downtime and enable better use of biomed resources. Through Wi-Fi biomeds can check monitor information, update software, upload settings, view/export logs, upload license files and view license information, view and change preventative maintenance settings. Biomeds are able to configure multiply devices by configuring one monitor and copying the configuration onto PC/laptop, then to others in the CARESCAPE VC150 fleet. CARESCAPE VC150 vital signs monitor can also show meaningful error messages, some of which can be handled by clinicians right away.

Mobility and Connectivity

The CARESCAPE VC150 monitor sends accurate patient data wirelessly to health system.

Data can be sent whether measurements were taken during spot-check mode or continuous monitoring.

Whether mobile or wall-mounted, the CARESCAPE VC150 vital signs monitor accommodates enhanced clinical workflow. The monitor travels easily from one patient to the next, helping you capture vital signs easily, quickly and accurately. This monitor may be hand-carried or wheeled on a custom-designed roll stand equipped for caregiver needs in general-care areas. Another option is mounting at the bedside to ensure that a monitor is always on-hand when clinicians need it.

The CARESCAPE VC150 monitor is ready for action whenever you plug it in, regardless of battery charge level. It runs for up to 10 hours on battery before recharging, giving you flexibility to move it from one patient room to the next for an entire shift. The monitor maintains data for 24 hours even if the battery is fully discharged.

Reliable connectivity on proven pathways

The CARESCAPE VC150 monitor can connect to an EMR via reliable routes, providing flexible solutions that can scale from a small clinic or office to a multi-hospital campus:

  • To any HL7® compliant EMR through an HL7 interface engine.
  • To any EMR or interfacing solution complying with IHE profiles patient demographic query (PDQ) and PCD-01 transaction (HL7 V2.6, IEEE 11073 nomenclature and IHE PCD Rosetta Terminology Mapping (RTM) Content Profile).
  • Connectivity to CernerTM MilleniumTM EMR via CareAwareTM VitalsLinkTM with help of an iBusTM protocol. The integration is native to the CARESCAPE VC150 vital signs monitor.
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Early Warning Score

Support for Early Warning Score at point of care

Early Warning Score is a tool for clinicians to define parameters to identify the degree of illness of a patient or identify those at risk of clinical deterioration. It is a standardized “Track-and-Trigger” system for frequency of clinical monitoring or escalations, and an enhanced level of surveillance.

The CARESCAPE VC150 Monitor can be configured to support the EWS defined by your clinical facility. The EWS platform supports typical protocols such as MEWS or NEWS. Up to three protocols can be installed in the monitor. The EWS score and care instructions are displayed on the screen and can be sent to the EMR with the patient vitals.

Barcode Scanners

With the CARESCAPETM VC150, users have the ability to use a barcode scanner for even more efficiency

  • Hand held barcode scanner is specifically designed for medical applications
  • Safety feedback provides real-time audible and visual feedback to the user
  • Powered by imaging technology compatible with current and future healthcare bar codes
  • Ergonomic scanning with safe illumination

Medical grade barcode JDK-2083 by JADAK combines high-end performance and quality with an ergonomic and compact size.

Medical grade barcode scanner by Code Corp. with coiled cable, ideal for wall mounted monitors. The CR1400 scanner is simplified yet robust approach that effortlessly meets the complex demands of the healthcare environment.


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