OnWatch is a preventive maintenance solution from GE Healthcare, designed to proactively limit disruptions of imaging systems before they occur and provide a better diagnosis of early system failures.

How it works

OnWatch provides fully-automated and continuous monitoring of critical subsystem elements within imaging equipment, including CT scanners, interventional systems, and MR and mammography machines. Any deviations from normal performance data directly alert GE engineers, who then work to keep operations running smoothly.
  • Monitor

    OnWatch constantly monitors your machines to make sure each component is operating as it should.
  • Detect

    If OnWatch detects an abnormality in the machine, the remote support center will receive an alert.
  • Repair

    When an automated alert is generated, the remote engineer will diagnose the issue with the system and either fix it remotely or schedule an appointment for on-site service, providing a repair plan with the required parts.
  • Restore

    Once the machine is repaired, you can resume providing quality care for your patients.




  • 24/7 monitoring of your environment, systems, and operations
  • Significantly reduces service calls
  • Helps shift unplanned downtime to planned downtime


  • Limits machine downtime
  • Helps you maintain your imaging schedule

Financial stability

  • Helps increase exam revenue and the department’s ROI
  • Promotes reduction in repair costs

Supporting materials

OnWatch Brochure


Disaster Preparedness: An OnWatch case study


OnWatch Whitepaper


OnWatch Vascular Infographic


OnWatch video

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