Data like you have never seen before

Mural™ Solution for Labor and Delivery is a customizable and modular offering that provides clinicians the ability to assess the status of their maternal patients, utilize hospital defined protocols to identify patients at risk and track adherence to hospital defined best practices including hypertension, hemorrhage, and medication management.The Mural solution also has the ability to visualize data from other standalone applications, such as Perinatal Viewer, in context with maternal patient data. This scalable system can be deployed across a single unit or an entire health system.
FUll screen TABBED POI
  • Active Bundle Block
    Highlights key data driving status for active bundles based on hospital defined protocols

  • Bundle Alerts
    Patients with Bundle Alerts are displayed at the top of the Population Surveillance View. Bundle Alerts are triggered when selected parameters exceed limits set by the site.

  • Color Coding Based on Patient Status
    Green = within normal limits
    Yellow = borderline
    Red = out of range

    Color Coded
  • Lab Results
    Click to visualize and trend results in near real time

  • Labor and Delivery Status
    LD Status
  • Location Selection
    Switch between facilities
    Patient View Selection
    Visibility to front and back of the patient cards to show more patient data Ability to sort cards by Beds or Length of Stay

    Location Selection
  • Track and Trend Key Patient Data
    Click to track trends in HR, SBP/DBP, Total QBL, medications or other key data

Mural LD Video Link

Helps Guide Treatment
  • Population Surveillance View

  • Patient Snapshot View

How Mural™ can support your maternal safety initiatives…

Protocol based support
The clinical views you have always wanted built with real time data – regardless of system or device.

JC callouts
  • Automatically track care bundles and protocols for hypertension and hemorrhage.
    Including missing steps in care delivery such as blood pressure measurements and quantitative blood loss documentation4

  • Manage care for patients at risk of hypertension or severe hemorrhage4 with all relevant data in one screen

  • Real time prioritization of patients at risk based on your defined protocols… providing flexibility to customize to your clinical workflows

    prioritize REVISED
  • Visualize the effects of therapeutic actions with user defined views that overlays data from disparate systems – such as vital signs and medications