Omni Legend

At A Glance

See small lesions¹

High sensitivity and resolution

Ultra-fast scanning

This is the start of a whole new era of PET/CT

Omni Legend is the first system we’re introducing on our all-new, all-digital Omni platform. The remarkable digital detector design at its core delivers high resolution, as well as an unparalleled increase in true NEMA sensitivity, delivering the highest sensitivity per centimeter in the market.2 Greater sensitivity may not only lead to fast scan times and lower dose, but also lesion detectability that is comparable or better than the top-of-the-line digital platform.1


Beyond its exceptional detector design, Omni Legend also delivers vast improvements to the entire PET/CT scanning process

Omni Legend includes our new Precision DL technology while excelling in PET/CT operational efficiency and patient comfort with a collection of intuitive workflow solutions enhanced by artificial intelligence. And with the ability to image the diagnostics portion of theranostics as well as short life tracers and dynamic protocols,3 it empowers you with greater clinical information across more procedure types than ever before. Only Omni Legend is designed with all of these critical components in one PET/CT system to deliver answers at the speed of sight.


New Platform

The one and future PET/CT platform



High sensitivity and resolution


Enhanced workflow

Single platform



See it all. In an all-new digital light.

As PET/CT continues to grow into clinical areas outside of oncology, the need for a PET/CT solution that makes the power and possibility of digital detection more ubiquitous and accessible becomes increasingly more important.

We built Omni Legend from the ground up to harness the power of digital dBGO, an innovative detector material with a small crystal size capable of producing high resolution images and exceptional image quality. This creates a brand-new category of detector technology that delivers more than two times the sensitivity than prior digital scanners,4 enabling fast scans5 at a lower dose.6 The end result is a remarkable design that’s more accessible to more people today and with a detector assembly engineered for future upgrades that allows for axial field-of-view scalability up to 128 cm.


This changes everything

The detector material at the core of the Omni Digital Detector takes PET/CT to the next level. Its high density and stopping power along with a 30 mm crystal depth make it possible to achieve an astronomical increase in NEMA sensitivity with up to 46 cps/kBq across a 32 cm axial field-of-view.4 This extreme rise in sensitivity goes beyond just providing for a higher quality image. Along with an exceptionally high NECR curve, it’s what may enable you to image high count rate tracers beyond FDG with the potential to increase the number of procedures your staff can execute, including procedures beyond oncology such as cardiac and neuro imaging.

Up to 46 cps/kBq NEMA sensitivity⁴

30 mm crystal depth with high stopping power



Enhance your imaging with deep learning


Surroundings they can take comfort in

We recognize that patient comfort is important to you. It’s a top priority for us too, which is why we are always looking for new ways to improve the overall PET/CT patient experience. 

We’ve learned that often it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Like a simple visual distraction or a subtle lighting effect.

With Omni Legend, we’ve added an array of new features to make the scan as relaxing as possible for patients. The system features LED ambient lighting to help create a calming mood as well as a graphic pattern on the upper area of the bore to help in both alleviating stress and reducing movement for nervous patients. These seemingly small details can have a huge impact on improving the patient experience.

Full speed ahead

Ultra-fast whole-body imaging

The high sensitivity of the Omni Digital Detector combined with a large field-of-view can enable ultra-fast routine whole-body imaging.


Precision and flexibility without compromise

PET/CT imaging is constantly evolving

Your Omni Legend system can be updated and reliable for years to come


Built with theranostics in mind

Ability to image diagnostics portion of theranostics

Able to image Gallium 68 for diagnosis, staging or restaging



Grow your practice in any direction with Omni Legend

Omni Legend is built with innovative capabilities to make it an industry-leading PET/CT platform, enabling exemplary diagnostic confidence for your team now and in the future. We designed Omni Legend with theranostics in mind by utilizing ultra-high sensitivity, high resolution, Q.Clear and MotionFree to help personalize dose as well as imaging 68Ga for diagnosis, staging or restaging. The first-of-its-kind Omni Digital Detector and Precision DL are designed to reach new levels of sensitivity and detectability for incredibly clear images. And the brand-new Omni platform gives you exceptional control over the future of your PET/CT capability going forward.

  1. 1. Omni Legend 32 cm increases small lesion detectability 16% on average and up to 20%, as compared to Discovery™ MI 25 cm with matched scan time/injected dose, as demonstrated in phantom testing using a model observer with 4 mm lesions; average of different reconstruction methods.
  2. 2. Omni Legend 32 cm has highest sensitivity per cm for conventional (non-total body) PET/CT systems. Data On File.
  3. 3. Short life tracers such as Rubidium-82 used in PET cardiology scans. For dynamic protocols such as Whole Body Dynamic Acquisition, the Dynamic IQ processing application is required.
  4. 4. Omni Legend 32 cm has up to 2.2 increase in system sensitivity as compared to Discovery™ MI 25 cm. Measurement follows NEMA NU 2-2018.
  5. 5. Up to 53% reduction of PET scan time on Omni Legend 32 cm compared to Discovery™ MI 25 cm, as demonstrated in phantom testing.
  6. 6. Up to 60% reduction in PET dose with Omni Legend 32 cm compared to Discovery™ MI 25 cm, as demonstrated in phantom testing.
  7. 7. As compared to non-ToF reconstruction. Contrast Recovery (CR) and Contrast to Noise Ratio (CNR) demonstrated using clinical data with inserted lesions of known size, location, and contrast. Using data from Omni Legend 32 cm, CR and CNR were measured using H-PDL and QCHD.
  8. 8. Increased detectability at matched scan time and injected dose. Detectability using clinical data with an inserted 8 mm diameter liver lesion of known location and 2:1 contrast using a CHO model observer, comparing SNR from Omni Legend 32 cm with QCHD and Precision DL to SNR from Discovery MI 25 cm with QCFX.
  9. 9. The statement by the GE Healthcare customer described here is based on her own opinions and experiences and on results that were achieved in the customer’s unique setting. Since there is no typical hospital and many variables exist, such as hospital size, case mix, etc., there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.
  10. 10. Data on file.

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