The DaTQUANT™ Software application enables visual evaluation and quantification of ¹²³I-ioflupane images and may assist in the evaluation of patients with a suspected Parkinsonian Syndrome.
At a Glance

Confident interpretation¹

Structured, visual & quantitative results for confident scan interpretation

Automated processing

Drive consistency and repeatability through automated processing of scans

Comprehensive reporting

Enhance communication with physicians via customized PDF/DICOM reports

Longitudinal analysis

Compare scans for visual and quantitative progression over time
Data-driven Assessment

What is DaTQUANT™ software?

DaTQUANT software enables visual evaluation and quantitation of DaT SPECT images relative to a normal age-matched population database of images from the Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) study.
May assist diagnosis

How does DaTQUANT™ work?

DaTQUANT software may aid in the assessment of DaT uptake in the caudate and putamen regions. It automatically calculates striatal binding ratios, putamen/caudate ratios and asymmetry.
DaTQUANT™ Reporting

With just a few simple clicks

A PDF report can be automatically generated which combines both image and quantification results, to be shared with physicians. Results can be saved as DICOM® files or PDFs.
Why Quantify?

The power of quantification

DaTQUANT software may help a clinician determine if striatal uptake in a patient is normal or abnormal compared to healthy subjects. Quantitative analysis provides more objective assessment of any dopaminergic loss and could add confidence for diagnosis¹
Robust normal database

Comparison to age-matched database

* DaTQUANT software uses a normal database based on the Parkinson's Progressive Marker Initiative (PPMI), and includes data from 118 health volunteers scanned as part of the study.
* Normal database has been validated for use with images acquired on a variety of multi-headed SPECT cameras
* Users have the ability to create a customized normal database that enables comparison to a site-specific population
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    JB84094US | September 2020

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Medical Device Indication

The DaTQUANT 2.0 Software application enables visual evaluation and quantification of 123I-ioflupane (DaTscan) images.

DaTQUANT 2.0 normal database enables quantification relative to normal population databases of 123I-ioflupane (DaTscan) images.

This application may assist in detection of loss of functional dopaminergic neuron terminals in the striatum, which is correlated with Parkinson’s disease.

Regulatory Compliance
DaTQUANT 2.0 is available for sale only in countries where 123I-ioflupane pharmaceutical is approved for use.