SenoBright HD Contrast Mammography

You see differently when you see in contrast

SenoBright™ HD contrast enhanced spectral mammography is a next level mammography technology that offers an astonishingly clear way of seeing what matters in the breast. It subtracts the fibroglandular tissue that can cloud your view and increases the signal of iodine contrast, resulting in an unobscured, ultra-informative image that provides additional reporting confidence to unite patient and clinical team around a shared eality.

Fast Facts

  • CESM is a cost-effective
    alternative to Breast MRI, reducing
    cost-per-exam by 80%14.
  • Reduce patient anxiety
    by providing a breast cancer
    diagnosis in one appointment,
    one setting, in less than
    7 minutes.7
  • Two out of three patients3
    prefer the SenoBright HD
    experience to a breast MRI.
  • SenoBright™ HD provides
    functional imaging

    with 53% fewer equipment
    costs and 59% fewer staffing
    costs vs MRI.10
  • SenoBright™ HD significantly
    reduces acquisition time

    by up to 40% in large breasts15.

GE Mammography

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