Pristina Serena 3D

DBT guided biopsy positioner helps make the inaccessible accessible.
Pristina Serena 3D makes complex procedures and challenging cases faster, easier, and more accessible for clear, concise results.1,2

How Pristina Serena reshapes the biopsy experience

“It’s very easy to change from one approach to the other in the same moment, you don’t have to change the patient or the orientation. Now, biopsy is like a “friendly” biopsy”.


Dr. Ana Rodriguez-Arana, M.D. Director of Breast Radiology, Hospital del Mar, Barcelona SPAIN

“The experience with Pristina Serena takes biopsy to a whole new level. The procedures are much faster, images are processed almost instantaneously, targeting is simple and the biopsy system has been optimized. The horizontal approach is now just as easy as the vertical and we 'actually prefer it to vertical”.


Dr. Bruce Schroeder, Owner, Medical Director, Carolina Breast Imaging Specialists, Greenville, NC

Designed for clinical performance with DBT guided targeting

Resolution and image quality is consistent with 2D/3D screening and diagnostic imaging thanks to the same image chain.

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