AIR Touch™
AIR x™

AIR Touch™

A dramatically simpler scan

Simplifies scan setup with customized parameters

Optimizes the element configuration for you

Optimizes uniformity, SNR and parallel imaging

Customized scan parameters

Automatically selects which coils and elements to use

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AIR x™

Automatic MRI slice placement

Automatically detect anatomy and prescribe slices based on the anatomical reference and orientation defined for the most commonly requested exams

Consistent and accurate images

Deliver consistent and quantifiable results regardless of pathology, patient position, time between scans and technologist variability

Time savings

Save time by automating slice placements and avoid repeat scans

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Intelligent workflow applications that automate the scan process to drive consistency


AIR x™ - Consistent results no matter how you slice it


A dramatically simpler scan with AIR Touch™

Workflow Solutions - Innovative AI to optimize experience

Using innovative AI, Workflow Solutions comprises two advanced MRI applications AIR™ Coils with AIR Touch™ and AIR x™ that make a clinically impactful difference through a simply better workflow.

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