Designed for excellent visualization of vasculature and blood products.


SWAN helps clearly delineate small blood vessels, microbleeds, and large vascular structures in the brain. SWAN is also designed to visualize iron and calcium deposits by providing both phase and magnitude images to aid in an easier diagnosis.

SWAN applies a multi-TE readout technique that generates more than double signal-to-noise ratio and is inherently less affected by the chemical shift compared to conventional SWI techniques. The end result is a clear, high resolution 3D dataset that integrates a broad range of distinct tissue contrasts with significantly enhanced susceptibility information, and signal-to-noise ratio. Typical whole brain acquisition with 3D, sub-millimeter resolution takes about four minutes, and image reconstruction is virtually instantaneous.

"SWAN consistently generates very conspicuous images of microbleeds, with dramatic contrast. In the past the referring physicians at times questioned radiologist's diagnosis, now with SWAN they can see them across the room!" 

J.Sowers, MD
Imaging Center of Pensacola, FL



















Read how SWAN's multi-echo technology enhances susceptibility effect for improved blood-tissue contrast.
Download Mind Over Matter (PDF).

Learn about new tools in MR upgrade that can help expand imaging capabilities and increase clinical confidence.
Download New Tools in MR Upgrade Expand Imaging Capabilities and Increase Clinical Confidence (PDF).

Understand how SWAN can help you achieve more accurate diagnoses.
Download High-resolution 3D Imaging of the Cerebral Vasculature (PDF).

Download the SWAN Brochure (PDF).

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