AIR™ Image Quality

Reconstruction is at the heart of every scan and reducing noise during reconstruction is critical to achieving clear images. AIR™ Image Quality completes the AIR™ family of products with image reconstruction software that helps improve SNR and image sharpness in images without having to overcompensate in your scanning protocol.
AIR™ Recon DL

Level up your image quality

AIR™ Recon DL is a pioneering, deep-learning based reconstruction algorithm that improves SNR and image sharpness, enabling shorter scan times. It improves image quality at the foundational level by making use of the raw data to remove image noise and ringing.

Conventional (1:59 min.) vs. AIR™ Recon DL (1:18 min.)

See true-to-MR detail

From image noise to ringing, AIR™ Recon DL uses deep learning to prevent artifacts from ever being introduced to your images. The result is TrueFidelity™ MR Images. Images so clear and so sharp, you can be sure there is nothing in between you and what you need to see.

Conventional vs. AIR™ Recon

AIR™ Recon

Make no substitutes for image quality

AIR™ Recon is designed to make exceptional image quality in faster scan times the new standard for MR imaging. It reduces background noise and out-of-FOV artifacts for an improved SNR and clearer, crisper images, making it easier for every technologist to consistently achieve the image quality you need in the first scan. It’s an important step in universalizing exceptional image quality and shorter scan times for all.

Conventional (3:33 min) vs. AIR™ Recon (3:33 min)

Clearly consistent images

AIR™ Recon works in the background, collecting image noise data during prescan and using it to elevate the quality of every image. It’s seamless to use, always on and available on the majority of routine clinical scans. With AIR™ Recon, you can expect clearer image quality the first time, so you can be confident that you won’t have to rescan or reschedule your patients.

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*Not yet CE marked on 1.5T. Not available for sale in all regions.