AIR™ Coils
AIR™ Recon DL

AIR™ Coils

AIR™ anterior array coil

Flexible, ultra-low profile design to fit all sizes, shapes and ages

AIR™ multi-purpose coils

Positioning freedom with previously hard-to-scan anatomies

AIR™ 48CH head coil

Designed with NFL funding for high-performance brain imaging

AIR™ Recon DL

Diagnostic confidence

Revolutionary, deep-learning based reconstruction technology provides sharper, clearer, and accurate images

Reduced scan time

Up to 50% reduced scan time improves the patient experience and productivity

Ease of use

Reconstructed images appear immediately on the console

Available to all

Compatible across the portfolio of GE MR scanners regardless of anatomy and coils


Holistically, AIR™ is MR. Simply better.

It’s also more than AIR™ Coils. It’s a way of thinking. A symbol for how we approach both the form and the function of MR. From coils to workflow to image quality, we deconstruct everything down to its most fundamental, simplified version. And improve it. Each new innovation builds off of this core philosophy, increasing the value of the greater AIR™ ecosystem.

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