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Revolutionizing MR

Capture clarity with AIR™ Recon DL and be part of the deep-learning revolution

Sharpening imaging with DL

This delivers improved SNR and sharpens images by up to 60%.

Optimizing scan time

Up to 50% faster, improving productivity and the patients’ experience

Empowering everyone

Works seamlessly with any GE MR scanner, regardless of anatomy, and coils.


Diagnostic confidence

Dr. Hollis Potter, Hospital for Special Surgery, USA

Reduced scan time

Mr. Tom Schrack Fairfax Radiological Consultants, USA

Easy to use deep learning technology

Prof. Kengo Yoshimitsu, Fukuoka University, Japan

Available to all

Randy Stenoien, MD, Houston Medical Imaging


White papers


AIR™ Recon DL for diffusion

Discover the clinical benefits of AIR™ Recon DL with DWI, where SNR, b-value and scan time are often considered the primary competing factors.
Download white paper

Sustained ROI with AIR ™ Recon DL

Investing with AIR™ Recon DL leads to immediate and sustained ROI
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Clinical benefits of AIR™ Recon DL image reconstruction

From image noise to ringing, AIR™ Recon DL uses deep learning to prevent artifacts from ever being introduced to your images. The result is TrueFidelity™ MR Images.
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Case Studies


Shorter exam times and more predictive patient scheduling

Based on a webinar with Lawrence Tanenbaum, MD, RadNet, Inc

Ease-of-use and protocol optimization

Based on a webinar with Christopher Ahlers, MD, radiomed

Level up your image quality with AIR™ Recon DL

Based on a webinar with Melany Atkins, MD, Fairfax Radiology Centers

MR 30 for SIGNA™

Future proof with expanded AIR™ Recon DL applications to enable personalized, end-to-end clinical solutions

Simpler better image quality

Download the collection of SIGNA™ Pulse Articles to better understand deep learning and applications of AIR™ Recon DL

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