SIGNA™ 7T MRI scanner*

With UltraG gradients, the SIGNA™ 7T MRI scanner delivers superior contrast and SNR performance for improved diagnostic confidence, all with familiar state-of-the-art applications.

Advanced technology

GE HealthCare’s most powerful whole-body gradient platform to date

State-of-the-art applications

Powered by a common suite of SIGNA™ imaging applications and deep-learning tools

Freedom and familiarity

Same look and feel as other GE HealthCare MRI scanners, for research or clinical use

7T MRI scanner: scientific discovery meets clinical translation

Designed to overcome the limitations for many of today’s clinical MR systems, the SIGNA™ 7T is a powerful new platform for advancing neurological research and clinical translation. Approximately five times more powerful than most clinical systems, SIGNA™ 7T is designed to detect subtle structures that may be significant for clinicians and researchers alike.

SIGNA™ 7T MRI scanner - it’s where scientific discovery meets clinical translation

Our SIGNA™ 7T MRI scanner boasts new technology that allows the scanner to overcome common challenges associated with operating at a higher field strength.

Powered by a common suite of SIGNA™ Imaging Applications

Users have access to our latest state-of-the-art applications along with deep-learning tools like AIR x™ Brain and Knee as well as AIR™ Recon DL, while delivering the diagnostic confidence of an ultra-high-field system.

UltraG Gradients to power your research

Our 7T MRI scanner is GE HealthCare’s most powerful whole-body gradient system yet. With peak amplitude of 113 mT/m and a peak slew rate of 260 T/m/s, this scanner can properly leverage the clinical capabilities and research demands that users expect from a 7T.

Freedom and familiarity

Give users the freedom to use the system for either research and/or clinical scanning. Since our SIGNA™ 7T MRI scanner has the same look and feel as other GE HealthCare MRI systems, anyone experienced with scanning on a GE HealthCare 1.5T or 3.0T, may comfortably approach this powerful system and deliver results without missing a beat.

Intelligently efficient MR with SIGNA™ 7T

Watch the ISMRM webinar on neurodegenerative diseases led by Mirco Cosottini, MD, Associate Professor, Neuroradiology, University of Pisa.

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*Not CE marked. Not available for sale in all regions.

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